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Findmyequipment.com.au to shake up equipment sales market

Findmyequipment.com.au to shake up equipment sales market


Melbourne, Australia – Heavy duty equipment traders and buyers have a new, streamlined platform to sell and buy trucks, trailers and more, with the launch of Findmyequipment.com.au, Australia’s newest online equipment market place.

The website, launched by entrepreneur and a former director in the transport and equipment industry Blair Chinnery, allows Australia’s leading manufacturers and traders to list their new or used products at competitive prices.

Consumers will have the upper hand on Findmyequipment.com.au, as it allows them to research and compare prices and dealers, making the site an incredibly competitive marketplace, with prospective buyers already flocking to the site for the best deals.

Blair Chinnery recently spoke to Australian media, explaining the site’s key benefit for both buyers and sellers, which is the elimination of sponsored listings.

“Most sites in the industry use paid ads as a way of making money, which gives some sellers the advantage, while also hindering the customer’s experience by not showing them the exact products they are looking for because paid listings get in the way,” explained Chinnery.

“At Find My Equipment, we get rid of all the fluff and allow buyers to hone in on exactly what they are looking for. We also give confidence to our buyers by making all of the dealer’s relevant details available on the site.”

And dealers who come to Findmyequipment.com.au to advertise their product won’t be ripped off by expensive advertising fees, instead, the website aims to make a fair playing ground for all.

“We charge our dealers one flat rate to join the website,” said Chinnery. “Once they’re paid up they can upload as many listings as the like, and there’s no costly add-ons or premium options so everyone’s content gets equal priority.”

The site is open for a range of listings in transport and heavy duty equipment, including forklifts, belly dumpers and earth movers from some of the Globe’s bestselling brands with Caterpillar, Volvo and Freightliner among the offerings.

For more information, visit www.findmyequipment.com.au

Alternatively, enquiries can be directed to Blair Chinnery, blair@findmyequipment.com.au , or you can call the site’s Melbourne office on 1300 361 721.

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