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Finline Doors Launches New 2015 Range of State Of The Art Glass Doors

Finline Doors Launches New 2015 Range of State Of The Art Glass Doors

Finlinedoors.co.uk, one of the UK’s primary glass door suppliers has just announced their new range of modern, ultra slim doors. Available in many such as bifold, sliding and frameless, the glass doors now come with increased glass coverage and the slimmest frames yet. Available with grade A glazing for effective energy efficiency they also have a high tech weather proof system to withstand any extreme weather conditions and continue the high performance with a long service lifetime. Finline Doors design and custom build the doors with any specifications chosen, and within just a few weeks the doors can be installed by their expert technicians.

All the doors in the range are fully retractable to maximise the space available and allow easy accessibility. As they are custom built, the doors are versatile and can be installed in a large range of applications for both residential and commercial properties. The most popular use of glass doors is as a patio door or entrance to the garden, terrace or any outdoor area such as a balcony door or shop entrance. Other applications include room dividers, office walling and swimming pool enclosures. To see a wide range of their products just visit their website – http://www.finlinedoors.co.uk/

The atmosphere of a building can be changed by fitting glass doors, as the clear views are improved and more sunlight can enter, heating and lighting the space naturally. Products from Finline Doors provide safety and security for a property also, with shatterproof glass, finger safe gaskets and complex locking mechanisms. For more specific information about their frameless glass doors, simply click here

When it comes to ordering and designing a door from Finline , there are many features to choose from such as glass type, opening techniques, rails and handles. Any specifications can be added to the design so that the final product proves exactly what the customer wanted from their doors. There are also a range of colours to choose from for the thin frames, so that they match the decor and become a stylish feature.

People are starting to invest more in modern patio doors such as those from Finline as they provide so many benefits. Not only will the property value increase, lots of money can be saved from energy bills. The new range of doors feature a high tech thermal breaking system so they keep the heat within the home and keep drafts out, reducing the need for heating systems. Even in the summer the doors can be opened up to allow air in and cool the property. See a big difference in power usage and bills after the doors have been installed. For more information about Finnline Doors, simply visit their website

The highest quality of glass used by Finline, no matter if it is single or double glazed, solar glass or self cleaning glass, provides 100% clear views and can even keep sound out. For convenient privacy, blinds can be integrated and easily opened and closed. Finlinedoors.co.uk have decades of experience with manufacturing and supplying glass doors and with their expert teams across the UK, one can only expect the highest quality of products and services. To contact them, or for your tailored online quotation, click here – http://finlinedoors.co.uk/contact

Contact Info:
Email: quotes@finlinedoors.co.uk
Telephone: 01582 492730
Fax : 01582 494239
Registered address: Unit 1, Bay Close, Progress Way, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 9UP, England
(To save your time and for your safety, no personal callers without an appointment please)

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