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Five reasons to choose the MBA program at SCMHRD!

Five reasons to choose the MBA program at SCMHRD!

As a degree graduation does not suffice and most students seem to realize this very early in their life. Therefore, the search for an MBA college in Pune and other parts of the country is an integral part of every student’s life. However, choosing the best B school in Pune is not so easy. It depends on several factors. After all, there are executive MBA Pune options as well as regular MBA programs and therefore making the choice is most likely to take a good amount of time. Currently, the MBA in Human Resource management being offered by Symbiosis Centre of Management and Human Resource Development is emerging as a popular choice for students. Similar to the other MBA in Symbiosis, the programs being offered at SCMHRD are conducted using state of the art infrastructure that aids in creating a conducive learning environment. Of the several MBA in Pune, the MBA program offered by SCMHRD stands out as a unique and far more comprehensive program.

Professionals needed

When it comes to human resource management, the corporate sector faces a major challenge as there is a dearth of qualified professionals. Therefore, the students passing out from the MBA in Pune offered by SCMHRD stand a far better chance of getting a good job at the end of their program.

Symbiosis tag

Doing an MBA from a reputed institute like SCMHRD adds the Symbiosis tag to your resume. For those of you who are not aware, Symbiosis holds the reputation of being one of the most reliable institutes offering quality education at an affordable price. This ensures that your resume is noticed on priority basis when compared to the other candidates from various backgrounds.

Training students to become professionals!Unlike a lot of the other MBA colleges in Pune, SCMHRD offers holistic academic training that takes into consideration the importance of practical training in a managerial program. Therefore, SCMHRD includes equal amounts of industry interface programs. These programs become the first every exposure of the students to the real time scenario in the corporate world.

Socially responsible leaders

It is important for the future managers to be able to organize their thoughts clearly and take responsible decisions with due consideration to the needs of the society at large. In order to help it’s students learn this important principal, SCMHRD conducts CSR projects and initiatives where students get a chance to familiarize themselves with the ground realities and the impact of managerial decisions in such situations.

Placement assistance

SCMHRD also provides it’s eligible students with the required placement support. Therefore at the end of the program, they get to sit for interviews at some of the most reputed companies in the world. Even the grooming for the interview becomes easier with the assistance of the SCMHRD faculty.

So, students wanting to evolve into socially responsible as well as capable managers need to register themselves for SCMHRD today. Admissions for the 2015-2017 batch are open. Log in to admissions.scmhrd.edu today for more details!

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