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Five tips about how to better maintain the good working condition of the Rice Transplanter

Five tips about how to better maintain the good working condition of the Rice Transplanter

China – If you are a professional famer and usually need to drive the Tractor , then, the following information from leading agricultural machinery manufacturer Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd about the maintenance for this machine will give you much help. Now, please see all info below.

First, the driver should timely oil and gear oil in the engine, planting boxes, gears, transplanting arm, gearbox and other parts. According to the manual instructor of Rice Transplanter, the operator should replace the engine oil after working for one season or 50 hours; the machine oil of the transplanter planting box need to be replaced after working for 100 hours; the gear oil in the gear box should be replaced after 150 hours¡¯ working.

Secondly, operators should wash and remove the dirt on tractors for sale . After each time of job, people should clean dirt and debris on transplanter while operators should also clean the engine carburetor, precipitation cup and air filter.

Thirdly, people should always check the condition of transplanter operating, traveling and manipulation parts. The main content during the inspection process for the engine include the amount of fuel, the amount of oil and each connected part; the main content for inspection work to transplanter operating parts include the seed sending parts, crank, pendulum, seeding claw, transplanting fork and others; the inspection for the walking and controlling mechanism of the rice transplanter include the checking for clutch, wheel, working conditions of steering clutch, the volume of the gearbox oil, the tightness of the V-belt drive and others.

Fourthly, the related adjustment for the engine, operation part, traveling part of the rice transplanter is also very crucial. The main content for the engine adjustment include the adjustment for spark plug gap and carburetor idle; the adjusting for the operation part include the adjustment for spacing, number of trees, planting depth and clearance between the seeding and transplanting needle.

Fifth, please do not forget the necessary maintenance for Transplanter. After working for more than 100 hours, the operator for this machine should carefully check and main the parts which bear with more wear and tear.

Carefully reading the following tips and strictly reply on them could help each Rice Transplanter owner effectively maintain the good working performance and long service life of their machines.

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