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FlipHTML5 — The Best Online Brochure Maker for Self-publishing

FlipHTML5 — The Best Online Brochure Maker for Self-publishing

23, August 2016: FlipHTML5 has emerged as one of the best online brochure maker in the market, considering the reviews it has received from the individuals and businesses alike. The online brochure maker can be used to create interactive and engaging flipbooks and online brochures which can be hosted on a cloud platform. The platform can help the users to self-publish their online brochures, saving their time and money for online business promotion.

The popular online brochure maker, FlipHTML5 can convert PDF into a flipping book with a few simple steps. The whole process can be done within hours which save money otherwise spent on creating hard copy brochures. To user can simply drag the PDF file with the brochure information into the online brochure maker and start creating. They can use various templates, themes and background options available within FlipHTML5 to make their presentation further interesting. The platform also allows the user to add attractive animations and effects which make it eye-catching.

The era of mobile phones and laptops has emerged as a great opportunity for the businesses to connect with their customers on the go which is why FlipHTML5 becomes a significant option. Using the online brochure maker, the users can provide all the information about their product/service in an attractive manner. An engaging and interesting online brochure, available on the tips of the finger helps in engaging more customers.

FlipHTML5 can be used to create online brochures for email marketing while the content can also be made SEO friendly. The latest version of the software provides an option of having personalized homepage so that the readers can find all the publications by a user easily. The user can also gather all their publications in a bookcase form and embed it in their website. The subscription option enables the readers to subscribe to a publication owner. The platform also allows the user to share the online brochure on social media platforms while the statistics option can tell about the number of reads, subscription, and other information. Moreover, you can click here to look more features about FlipHTML5.

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