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Flooding Leads to the Hidden Danger, Mold-National Mold Expert Offers Relief

Flooding Leads to the Hidden Danger, Mold-National Mold Expert Offers Relief

Some states in America are experiencing severe storms, floods, and heavy rains, leading to not just the loss of lives, but long term repercussions such as water-logging, power outages, and damaged property. However, even more impervious is the growth of mold, which attacks your family’s health, but the very foundations of your home as well. Don’t let it ruin your life, fight back with advice from National Mold Expert Charles Boday!

New York, July 21, 2015 — Whenever you open the newspaper or a news channel, the same news item is bound to flash across your eyes from various parts of the country. Whether it’s in Kentucky or Texas, Oklahoma or the Orange County, floods and continuous rain has taken over the entire country. Recently, a state of emergency was declared in Eastern Kentucky where two days of continuous rainfall has led to two fatalities.

Rescue workers are still operating in the region, with the toll of missing persons still rising even after two days. Both Jonson county and Rowan county have been severely affected, with cars stalling due to the flood water, homes damaged by the floods, and power lines being affected for at least 19,000 people across the eastern section of the state.

The governor declared a state emergency, facilitating the moving in of the Red Cross, KYEM, Kentucky National Guards, with rescue shelters being put up across the state. While similar conditions have been seen in many other states of the region, Kentucky seems to have taken a really bad hit this year. However, even in regions where the floods were not as severe and the water went down after only a couple of hours, damage in terms of flooded basements and downed power lines still remain.

The immediate results of the flood are very apparent to most people, but it is the time after the rain and water has subsided, which is crucial for most families. Homeowners have to deal with the repercussions of the flood, often having to resort to clearing out buckets full of water from their basements, attics, and other such spaces which are especially susceptible to water collection.

An ancillary aspect of this kind of natural calamity is another biological disaster: the formation of mold. While many people don’t take molding seriously, it is extremely dangerous for health, affecting your lungs and your furniture. One spore of mold is enough to infect the entire household, and unless a proper method of removal is chosen, it can remain in your home for days.

To protect yourself, it is advisable to follow a 5-step mold removal process, using all natural products because many mold killing products are more poisonous to humans that the mold.

This five step procedure is as follows:

1.Kill the mold- we recommend using peroxide for this.
2. Establish critical barriers negative pressure and/or air scrubbing
3. Remove the gross moldy materials.
4. Kill the roots- we recommend using borate based mineral salt for this.
5. Perform the gas out using a high intensity shock ozone treatment is the only permanent solution to the dangerous effects of mold the gas has the ability to penetrate into hidden nooks crannies and crevices where spores hide and it eradicates the dangerous gasses called MVOC’s and the mold poisons called mycotoxins.

About us: Contact Nationwide expert Charles Boday, c/o 55 South Main St. Oberlin Ohio best selling Author of The Ultra Dry Basement, and Got Mold Now What? Or visit 800-948-4947 to solve a stubborn mold problem or buy a DIY Mold Removal Kit or visit 800-240-8514 to buy an ozone generator, to blast away mold and mold odors.

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