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Floods Leave Behind a Legacy of Devastation-New Weapon Offers Hope to Flood Victims

Floods Leave Behind a Legacy of Devastation-New Weapon Offers Hope to Flood Victims

Flood and rain in the country leads to disastrous consequences for most home owners. Besides evident damage (wet walls, ruined furniture, etc.) there are also unforeseen dangers as presented by level 4 black-water including gram negative bacteria and toxic mold. Using a high powered ozone generator to sanitize the damaged buildings can eliminate the biological hazards posed by mold mildew and bacteria, provides a complete and effective solution to such problems.

New York, August 01, 2015 — From Kentucky to Oklahoma, there are very few regions unaffected by the recent spate of rains. Just recently, two people lost their lives, and thousands were forced out of their homes in eastern Kentucky, owing to widespread floods in the area. Even now, workers from the Kentucky State Guard and the Red Cross are working ceaselessly to help people recuperate in the shelters set up across the region.

This isn’t even the worst flooding of the season, with the May 26th, 2015 floods in Texas and Oklahoma gaining prime spot in the new. Oklahoma and Texas recorded the highest rainfall in the region in May, leading to huge amounts of water being accumulated in the Southern Plains. As a direct consequence of this, the Louisiana plain suffered from the rise in the water levels of the Red River.

Levels of the Red River were at their highest recorded state, ever, last month in June. This is a 70-year high, or so it would seem, with the water reaching 37.14 feet height at its peak near Shreveport. The disaster which followed in its wake led to the President of the United States declaring an emergency in the state. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced the emergency, promising hopes of federal disaster assistance for the local recovery in flood related areas.

While this federal financial support on the part of the US government is admirable, the inhabitants of the state still have to deal with the effect of the flood. Cities like Shreveport, parishes of Bossier and Caddo, saw the worst of this flood, with both homes and businesses being damaged badly. Even for those lucky enough to have their homes still intact, the damages of water accumulated for days in their homes is likely to leave its mark.

Water damages also include the dangers of mold, which brings with it not just a health hazard (asthma, lung infections, etc.) but serious damage to wooden furniture or structure of homes as well. By affecting the foundation itself, mold can creep into your house and adversely affect your family and yourself, even without you noticing it. Floodwater is often a Level 4 black-water and also carries viruses and gram negative bacteria. Since structures have 3 dimensional interfaces there are always places the water carries pathogens that cannot be easily disinfected with anything else but a gas. Accordingly scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory recommend using ozone gas to accomplish this.

In conditions such as these, homeowners would do well to follow these steps: remove water from basements and other similar areas, replace the wet walls, dry your home and furniture completely, and then run a high powered ozone generator. Most ozone generator do not produce enough ozone to truly generate high enough concentration levels to kill the viruses bacteria and mold. The BiO3Blaster ozone machine product line was created for both homeowners and professional contractors to treat situations just like this. Ozone shock treatments are the only foolproof mechanism for killing viruses, bacteria, and mold spores all at once, eliminating the musty odors sanitizing everything.

About the BiO3Blaster: Visit or write at 800-240-8514 c/o 4456 North Abbe Road, Sheffield Village, With pioneering inventions like the Ozone Tornado and Ozone Tunnel technologies, these high output shock blasting ozone generators provide the easiest way to deal with mold and bacteria and odors. From motels to restaurants, hospitals to home owners, everyone can benefit from the application of these methodologies!

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