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FLOPORT Announces the Launch of the Amazing New 4.0 Platform

FLOPORT Announces the Launch of the Amazing New 4.0 Platform


Customers have access to their mobile devices 24/7 so mobile Apps are the perfect promotional tool. No other form of marketing is as effective at keeping customers constantly engaged. Up until recently, apps downloaded from app stores were the only type of app format available. This type of app however has never been ideal for running promotions, due to inflated maintenance costs and inconvenient updating procedures. Enter FLOPORT, a Web App platform that allows users to launch an affordable mobile app that open on all smart devices, with real-time updates!

“FLOPORT is a revolutionary platform and delivers a real opportunity for a business to separate themselves from the competition,” commented a spokesperson from FLOPORT. “Mobile marketing is the present and the future when it comes to building a successful marketing campaign. FLOPORT allows users to quickly launch their own marketing app and begin driving traffic from the one thing a consumer always has with them, their mobile device. We couldn’t be more passionate about the FLOPORT 4.0 platform.”

According to the company, every single incredible app feature and Back Office option is now available within all three of the low membership plans. There is even an option to hire a pro to do everything for you. Scott R, from St Augustine, recently said,  “I own an IT company and it became clear a few months ago we really needed a mobile app to keep us up to date and competitive. I’m so happy we found out about FLOPORT. The price was perfect for the amazing app we ended up with. Just offering special promotions has driven our revenue way up, not to mention all the other options FLOPORT has packed into our App. It’s a fantastic business tool and I couldn’t be more happy. Five stars all around.”

Dave Jackson, CEO
(407) 545-2050
Address: 6270 Yorktown Dr
Orlando FL, 32807

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