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Florida Fruit Shippers® Launches New Variety of Products for the Holiday Season

Florida Fruit Shippers® Launches New Variety of Products for the Holiday Season

Florida Fruit Shippers® has decided to introduce several new products just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Since 1985, the company has been offering the finest premium fruit, fresh picked and rush delivered throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Fresh fruit lovers all over the United States and Canada can now enjoy their upcoming holiday season with a new variety of products from Florida Fruit Shippers®. Delicious fresh oranges, honeybells, grapefruits, and tangerines from the company are extremely popular. The company selects all their fruits from the top 1% of Florida’s giant citrus crop. The fruit is then hand packed using premium materials and promptly delivered to homes and offices in the United States and Canada.

The new products, announced by Florida Fruit Shippers® for holiday shoppers, and available at , include:

– Triple Treat Sampler: Three sampler trays, each one a different fresh variety, in a Triple Treat sleeve
– New Navel-Honeybell: two tray sampler pack
– Florida Rainbow: Finest oranges, tangerines, tangelos and ruby red grapefruit, such as those found at , packed in a display carton and arranged in an artful rainbow pattern
– Florida Sunshine Box: Premium oranges, tangerines and grapefruit packed in a decorated holiday wreath carton. Available in all fruit and deluxe styles
– Christmas Tree Deluxe: A selection of premium oranges, tangerines and grapefruit arranged in a Christmas tree pattern and decorated with jars of orange marmalade and orange blossom honey
– Basket of Sunshine: A classic two-handled open wicker picnic basket filled with a premium selection of oranges, tangerines and grapefruit. The Deluxe version includes three jars of tropical jellies and marmalades as well as chocolate-dipped coconut patties.
– Basket o’ Bells: 1- or 2-peck Grove Basket filled with delicious, juicy honeybells, such as those seen at . Selection of Florida treats are added at no additional charge

Announcing the formal launch of the company’s special range of holiday products, a senior official from Florida Fruit Shippers® said, “Florida Fruit Shippers® is more ready than ever to add a special flavor to your holiday season with an astounding variety of new products. Please visit our website for further details.”

About Oranges Online:

Rick Del Greco and Sue Hatton began their business in 1983 when they opened Vegetable Kingdom in Gulfport, Florida. They began shipping fresh produce to the United States and Canada, renaming the gift fruit division Florida Fruit Shippers® in 1985. Today, Florida Fruit Shippers® regularly ships to all locations throughout the United States and Canada and offers a complete online catalog for users seeking fresh, wholesome produce.

For More Information:
Rick Del Greco
Florida Fruit Shippers®
P.O. Box 530456
St. Petersburg, FL 33747-0456
(727) 341-2001

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