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Florida Man Patents The Ocean and Claims Tremendous Inventory Potential – in 20,000 Stores

Florida Man Patents The Ocean and Claims Tremendous Inventory Potential – in 20,000 Stores

Patented Sea Salt Formulations. Harness the Secret Healing Properties of the Sea.

Stuart, FL, March 11, 2015 — H2Ocean Inc. has patented the topical use of the Ocean’s Sea Salt and purified water and has used it in oral rinses, nasal sprays, wound washes, and other applications. Now you may say well, there are plenty of saline solutions on the market and you would be right, but none of them can use ACTUAL Sea Salt because this company Patented it. The benefit of sea salt is that it contains 82 minerals that enhances the unique formulations and makes these products extremely effective. It’s like saline on steroids, but formulated naturally with USP grade ingredients.

This all started when H2Ocean owner Eddie Kolos began investigating sea salt as a way to heal wounds. As a marine enthusiast and surfer he knew that the ocean had really strong medicinal properties. Through his continued research of sea salt he worked with doctors to conduct tests on its benefits. Once he realized how powerful it is in helping to heal naturally, he patented sea salt and water for oral, nasal and topical applications. All products available online @

He first created a sea salt spray for body piercings, which are an open wound that can be difficult to heal. The results were amazing. He also incorporated his sea salt formula into many different products, some of which are used to heal tattoos and also to treat skin conditions on animals.

-Walgreens … Americas # 1 Drug Chain is retailing the H2Ocean Extreme Tattoo Aftercare Kit for healing tattoos in their First Aid category nationwide.

-Another Major Drug Chain launched our patented formula in a private label sea salt oral rinse in January 2015. As we all know, dentists and our own grandmothers often recommend rinsing with salt and water, but we don’t always know how much to use or what strength. Now everyone can get the healing benefits of natural sea salt versus regular table salt in a perfect mixture that tastes great. Problem solved.

-The company will be informing Dentists @ The Hinman Dental Show in Atlanta @ Booth #640 (March 26th -28th) and sampling its oral rinse of natural Sea Salt.

About H2Ocean inc.:
H2Ocean inc. is a privately held company located in Stuart, Florida dedicated to the development of natural products. The core attribute of H2Ocean products is the natural healing properties of Sea Salt.

Contact: Andrew Perry,, 866-420-2326,,,

Andrew Perry
H2Ocean inc.
Stuart, FL

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