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Florida Spine And Injury Institute In Lakeland FL, Provides Solutions For Chronic Pain

Florida Spine And Injury Institute In Lakeland FL, Provides Solutions For Chronic Pain

Lakeland FL, 02-FEBRUARY-2016 – Florida Spine and Injury Institute and Dr. Mohammad Hamtaee are pleased to announce that victims of chronic pain no longer have to suffer, thanks to the solutions offered by chiropractic practitioners. The Lakeland FL Chiropractor uses a natural and holistic approach to identifying the causes of the pain. Once the cause is identified, the doctor can design a program to respond to the pain and alleviate it.

Pain can be due to various underlying causes. Chiropractors often emphasize issues with the spinal column which can cause chronic pain. A typical cause is a misalignment, also called a subluxation, of the spinal column. When the spine compresses a disc, causing it to bulge into nearby tissue, pressure on the nerve roots can be unrelenting. The brain interprets such pressure as pain.

Another common type of chronic pain is headache pain. This pain may be difficult to link to a specific cause. There are other types of ongoing pain which is classified as chronic. If the natural methods of chiropractics are followed, the doctor is able to help to begin the pain relief process. Identifying the underlying cause is the first step in creating a care plan.

Dr. Hamtaee prepares a plan of care which doesn’t include drugs and painkillers. Such substances only mask pain and are less and less effective over time. Long-term use of painkillers may cause damage to internal organs. He provides suggestions which are intended to assist the body in beginning the healing process. When the underlying cause is removed, the pain goes away.

Learn more about solutions for chronic pain by checking out the web pages at http://www.floridaspineandinjury.com today. Members of the press and individuals who have more questions regarding the contents of this press release are invited to contact Dr. Hamtaee at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Mohammad Hamtaee, DC
Company Name: Florida Spine and Injury Institute
Address: 1048 S Florida Avenue, Lakeland FL 33803
Contact Telephone Number: (863) 688-2200
Email: info@floridaspineandinjury.com
Website: http://www.floridaspineandinjury.com

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