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Focusky, an Ideal Free PowerPoint Alternative, Helps Get Rid of Dull Presentations

26, September 2015: PowerPoint Presentations, despite being the one stop presentation tool has failed, at places, to allow addition of fun factors to it. Focusky, which is the best free PowerPoint alternative, has been produced with exactly that focus in mind.

The main idea of Focusky is to allow making presentations with a lot more animations and a lot more templates than the usual PowerPoint Presentations allow. Focusky’s capability to create animated videos and creating engaging business presentation is its most attractive feature.

There are several pros of using Focusky on behalf of PowerPoint Presentation:

• Effects such as zoom and pan in Focusky allow the presenter to explore the minute references as well as overall references of the presentation.

• Focusky also has a built-in tool for animations with its own characters giving the presentation in question a lot more life.

• The large numbers of pre-designed templates along with the themes helps provide a favourable background for the entire presentation.

• One interesting feature is the application of video background making the entire presentation a lot let boring and a lot more engaging. It also allows 3D zoom which is a plus point for the presenter.

• There are more than 1200 materials available online which the presenter can choose from to make their presentation livelier.

• HD videos can be created and shared in YouTube with the use of Focusky with extreme ease.

• Complete customization is allowed along with unlimited hosting. Focusky’s advanced features make it a lot more desirable than the normal PowerPoint presentation.

With the use of Focusky, presentations have finally seen a livelier and less boring make. Focusky is for Windows and Mac usage which is the most dominant usage in the present age and time. It is also free which increases its desirable factor by a lot.

About the company:

Focusky is a free alternative of PowerPoint with Mattie Lee as its head designer. The organization has seen significant advance in their familiarity and with the services they provide, they have been seen to possess a higher chance at success than most up and coming services.

For Media Contact:
Customer Service of Focusky
Address: G/F, Far East Consortium Building,
23 Des Voeux Road, Central, HK

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