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FocusVision and AOL White Paper on Survey Design for Mobile Video

FocusVision and AOL White Paper on Survey Design for Mobile Video

Study examines cross-screen video viewing and identifies best practices for incorporating mobile video in survey research

Stamford, CT, April 21, 2015 – FocusVision has released a new white paper in partnership with AOL that examines mobile video viewing behavior among survey respondents. The paper, entitled “Survey Design for Mobile Video” encompasses primary research on respondent behaviors and sets forth best practices for researchers incorporating mobile video into market research survey outreach.

“Over the past two years alone, online video views are up more than 500 percent worldwide*, with one-third of viewers accessing digital video via smartphone,” said Denise Brien, senior director of consumer analytics and research for AOL.

“We felt that the consumer’s preferences and expectations for mobile video had been largely overlooked, so with this research we set out to understand why mobile online viewing has accelerated so quickly and to determine the keys to optimizing the mobile experience from the consumer’s perspective.”

The primary goal of the first phase of the research was to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in mobile video compared to other platforms. The second phase was designed to help us understand the optimal mobile video experience from the consumer’s perspective. The research initiative covered the consumer’s full mobile video experience, including core elements of both video content and video advertising. Specific data points encompassed video length, content types, differences in video viewing by platform (phone, tablet and computer), app versus browser viewing and more.

Key study findings for researchers:
-Limiting video length in the mobile research environment is better for maximizing survey and video completion rates; dropout rates rose as videos lengthened; and much more significantly on the mobile platform than on computer

-Video content impacts both survey enjoyability and completion rates; negative reaction to the video content also depresses various metrics related to the content itself (such as brand recall and message breakthrough).

-Researchers should be transparent with mobile market research survey takers about the length of the video they will need to watch to complete the survey. While this increases respondent dropout, it ultimately results in a more engaged survey sample.

The paper can be viewed in its entirety here:

About AOL:
AOL (NYSE: AOL) is a media technology company with a mission to simplify the Internet for consumers and creators by unleashing the world’s best builders of culture and code. As the 4th largest online property in the U.S., with approximately 200 million monthly consumers of its premium brands, AOL is at the center of disruption of how content is being produced, distributed, consumed and monetized by connecting publishers with advertisers on its global, programmatic content and advertising platforms. AOL’s opportunity lies in shaping the future of the digitally connected world for decades to come. Follow us on twitter @AOL_Inc.

About FocusVision:
FocusVision is the leading global provider of quantitative and qualitative technology solutions to the market research industry, providing an online survey platform, research facility video streaming, webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming and mobile device usability studies. Our services allow research professionals to engage with respondents in any place, at any time.  FocusVision has over 300 employees and offices in the US, the UK, Bulgaria, Brazil, Australia and Singapore. @focusvisioninfo

Media contact: Marie Melsheimer,, 541-815-3951
Source: Ooyala’s “Q1 2014 Global Video Index”

Marie Melsheimer
Stamford, CT

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