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Foreclosure Attorneys Stop Foreclosure Proceedings in California

Foreclosure Attorneys Stop Foreclosure Proceedings in California


Los Angeles, CA – If you are a homeowner in California that wants to save your property from foreclosure, there are steps that you can take to stop the foreclosure proceedings:

1. File a lawsuit: Under SB 900, The California Home Owner Bill of Rights offers protection to homeowners facing foreclosure; A judge must sign an order stopping the sale.
2. File bankruptcy: Chapter 7, 11, 13 all stop foreclosure immediately upon filing.
3. Apply for assistance to avoid foreclosure and keep the home: When a Loan modification application is under review, the foreclosure process must be suspended.
4. Apply for assistance to avoid foreclosure and vacate the home: Short sale and Deed in lieu agreements may suspend foreclosure proceedings.

Foreclosure is a legal process allowing the lender to sell a property to cover the amount loaned to the borrower. Many homeowners are not aware that lenders do not follow the strict legal requirements under California foreclosure laws. Many lenders are breaking laws, leaving the homeowner at a disadvantage and unaware that they will likely lose their home. Consumer Action Law Group is a law firm that helps consumers’ files lawsuits and goes to court to stop foreclosure proceedings and save the property.

In 2013 California passed a law [SB900] to make sure that the lenders follow the correct procedure and actions before placing a property into foreclosure. The California law greatly benefits homeowners and provides legal remedies to borrowers fighting to keep their home. If you are in foreclosure but you are not sure if your lender has not violated any provisions under the law, it is best to call and consult with one of their foreclosure attorney . The foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group are highly experienced in filing these cases, and have a long track record of past successful foreclosure turnarounds. They assist troubled homeowners and stop foreclosure from proceedings.

When you call Consumer Action Law Group, their foreclosure attorney will review the entire case beginning with the loan documents. The foreclosure lawyer at the firm will check to see if there are any irregularities in the loan that are strong causes of action for filing a lawsuit. The firm will also see if the proper foreclosure laws were followed by the lender under the SB900 bill. If your lender did not follow the law prior to the foreclosure, the firm foreclosure attorney will file a lawsuit against the lender and stop the foreclosure proceedings immediately.

The firm foreclosure lawyers have helped many homeowners find irregularities in the foreclosure proceedings and assist homeowners stop the foreclosure process. Their foreclosure attorney will take the time to review your case for free and give you free legal advice. Consumer Action Law Group will focus on your goals; saving your home, giving you more time in your home, or walking away without the serious damage of a foreclosure on your credit report. Call Consumer Action Law Group today and let their foreclosure attorney help you.

About Consumer Action Law Group

Consumer Action Law Group is a law firm dedicated to help consumers in consumer-related matters or consumers that experienced fraud and scam. Attorneys in the team are knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of eliminating debt, mortgages fraud, auto fraud, and home under foreclosures. They have high experience in consumer fraud matters to defense consumers who are facing financial matters, foreclosure, and fraud.

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