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Forsentek Reveals to Supply Load Sensors & Load Cells in Over 30 Countries around the World

Forsentek Reveals to Supply Load Sensors & Load Cells in Over 30 Countries around the World

Shenzhen, China; 20, February 2016: For perfect load measuring solutions, a number of industrial clients rely on China based Forsentek Company. According to the company spokesperson, today they supply their products to a number of clients located in 30 countries all around the globe. These companies import load sensors and load cells of various specifications for their production needs. The spokesperson reveals that they have a wide range of products in their stock to meet the customer requirements. At the same time, they believe in product customization and offer products as per the precise specifications demanded by the client.

Customers can choose from a wide load sensor range that Forsentek exports worldwide. The products include mini and micro sensors that are easy to place in a compact device to keep measuring the load in an efficient manner. At the same time, customers can choose from 5kg, 20kg, 50kg and 100kg load sensors. These load sensors feature an ergonomic design for an easy placement and come with durable features for a long-lasting and stable performance.

The company also boasts of its powerful torque sensor inventory that comprises of reaction torque sensors, static torque sensors, flange to flange torque sensors, rotating torque sensors etc. They can supply torque sensors with custom features and a precise engineering that can meet the industrial demands of their clients. These transducers are available in various designs that improve their application and clients can be able to meet their production needs more specifically.

Forsentek Company specializes in the production of the strain gauge load cell that has a great demand across the world. The company foresees a significant surge in the supply of these single point load cells in the near future. The small size load cells are made of alloy steel and are designed for a perfect measurement of force in a limited space. The company provides custom designs that can easily fit into different applications. One can learn more about these force measurement solutions by visiting the website

About Forsentek Co., Limited:

Located in China, Forsentek Co., Limited has provided load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions to more than 30 countries all over the world. With experienced engineers in load cell and force sensor application areas, Forsentek knows exactly what clients need for improving their production and performance. Being an expert in strain gauge based load cell manufacturing technology and custom-made service, they provide the most suitable products to meet client applications perfectly.

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