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Four commonly problems and answers for those car snow chain purchasers

Four commonly problems and answers for those car snow chain purchasers

America – Today, the famous snow chain online seller will help those car owners know several problems about how to select good auto anti-slipping chains.
How many snow chains could we buy?

The anti-slip snow chains are generally sold by pairs. One pair usually has two sets of chains. The commonly car usually be mounted own pair of chains. The chains could be usually mounted on the front wheels. If your car is a four-wheel driving method, it is recommended to buy two pairs of snow chains. This will let the driving process become more secure.

Does steel snow chain suitable for my car?

Today, fewer and fewer people use the steel snow chains. But, most of those big size trucks still use the steel chain. In fact, the best anti-skid chains are the steel chains but the only weak point of this chain is the weak side anti-skid capability. At the same time, the steel chain is easy to hurt the tire surface and produce more road noise. On the other hand, the steel chains also let sitting feeling become so uncomfortable. Therefore, more and more individual cars do not use the steel chains.

Does the tendon Auto Snow Sock suitable for snowy day car anti-slipping?

Nowadays, there are many online sellers which sell the tendon snow chains. However, people should remember that the tendon material will become brittle at low temperatures and then their performance will has very violent degradation and easy to break. From the material as well as a security standpoint, the tendon material is actually not suitable for producing the snow anti-slipping chains. But, as the low price of raw materials as well as easy technical process, this kind of Auto Snow Sock supply becomes so popular on Internet.

What are the detailed features of the so-called rubber tire snow chain?

As the introduction from which is the technician from Welded Chain supply , the rubber chain is produced by the anti-skid rubber elastic which has high wear-resistant performance and rubber mesh body is made up of plastic nylon which let the pull capacity of this chain become doubled. Tendon material snow chain could only run up to 80 kilometers. However, the rubber chains could run at least 1000 km and then traffic safety is greatly improved.


Pujiang Dingxin Electrical Co., Ltd is an independent research and own import-export operation company. The company strictly according to ISO9001-2000 international quality management system operation, snow chain by the German ¡°TuV¡±, ¡°GS¡± product safety certification and Austria ON V5117 certification. Products are exported to North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea and the Middle East and so on, more than 30 countries and regions.


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