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Frame Alignment Systems Market Revenue, Opportunity, Forecast and Value Chain 2016-2026

Frame Alignment Systems Market Revenue, Opportunity, Forecast and Value Chain 2016-2026

Frame Alignment Systems is required for frame straightening, correcting & aligning the chassis of a vehicle resulting from accidents, trauma or major design modification. The customers vary from OEMs & Vehicle Repair Shops/Garage. It involves two critical steps i.e. Frame Measurement where frame dimensions are measured & then assessed for the required frame structure by a laser guided system and Frame Alignment where the final alignment of chassis components and overall frame are done to enable correct maneuvering & mobility of the vehicle. With the safety and performance being prime focus of OEM as well as end-users the frame alignment systems market is expected to witness upsurge in demand over coming years. Furthermore, technological advancement would also create significant growth opportunities for the market

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Frame Alignment Systems Market Segmentation

The components which constitute the frame alignment system are:

  • Anchor Pots- secures the vehicle from all lateral areas except bottom to prevent it from vibrations or deviations
  • Frame Machine Clamps- fixed on the chassis whose alignment is to be done
  • Frame Machine Floor Systems-Provides a stable base at the bottom of the mounted vehicle whose height can be adjusted to access & view the inner base of the vehicle body
  • Auto Frame Machines & its Racks- Straight Edges mounted on floor system and withstands high amounts of pressure exerted during body restructuring process
  • Frame Pullers & its Posts- acts a supporting agent to frame machine
  • Straightening Pits- to align the vehicle from the bottom
  • Straightening Trolleys- helps in aligning the frame pullers
  • Monitors & Display Panels-shows vehicle body dimensions
  • Dump Body Tools-reshapes the damaged areas of the body

The Frame Alignment Systems market is segmented on the basis of the Vehicle Types:

  • 2 wheelers- Motorcycles, Scooters, Bi-Cycles
  • 4 wheelers- Light & Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Under the 4 wheelers category the product types can be classified as:

  • Frame Press
  • I Beam System

Frame Alignment Systems Market Dynamics & Trends

The 4 wheeler types are the major consumer types of this product. The automobile vehicle OEMs require it for original design & production of the vehicle, whereas the Vehicle Repair Shops/Garage use the same to repair the damaged chassis of vehicles from accident or custom modification. Product innovation in terms of improved performance and minimizing of deviations & errors has been the key focus of OEMs. Low Maintenance, Light Weight & sturdier models of frame systems have been launched by the OEMs. Apart from these, customer specific customization have increasingly becoming a common trend giving an increased scope of business for vehicle design & repair companies.

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Frame Alignment Systems Market: Regional Outlook & Drivers

Geographically, the Frame Alignment Systems industry can be divided by major regions which include North America & Europe, Asia-Pacific region. The leading equipment manufacturers are mainly of American & German origin with their long established technical expertise. The industry is both labor & material intensive and the value chain flows from raw material suppliers, spares & components dealers/suppliers, OEMs, equipment distributors, Dealers & finally the end user. The market will have a steady growth rate due to increase in vehicle consumption, public transport & logistics sector. The major consumers would be vehicle repair shops & garages across all geographic regions. North America and Europe are anticipated to dominate the market in terms of demand, however Asia and Africa are expected to be the fastest growing owing to robust growth of automobile sector in certain countries.

Frame Alignment Systems Market Players

The major players identified across the value chain are Josam Products Inc., Bee Line, Henry James Bicycles, Booth Concepts Inc., Blackhawk, Pro Line Systems International Inc., Chassis alignment Ltd., Scheibner Messentik, Chief Automotive Technologies etc. in terms of manufacturers apart from regional automotive servicing companies & garages etc. 

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