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Freddie and Sebbie Develops Perfect Option For Back-To-School Time

Freddie and Sebbie Develops Perfect Option For Back-To-School Time

26, September 2015: New to their variety of children’s accessory products, Freddie and Sebbie has actually announced the release of their very latest product to strike the shelves; plastic, stacking, multi-colored lunchboxes, which they say are the ideal solution for the back-to-school period.


Freddie and Sebbie, a Nevada-based business specializing in youngsters’ accessories, has in the previous year, utilized competence and quality workmanship to blow up into the foods accessory market, providing a variety of extra-large cool bags and luxurious neoprene lunchboxes to the marketplace. With a 20-strong variety of products achieving nearly perfect client ratings across the board, and over a thousand clients promoting the top quality products on offer, Freddie and Sebbie is quickly becoming the brand to watch out for.

“Whilst hundreds of client evaluations have told us that our Neoprene lunch bags and cool bags are perfect, we wanted to develop one that was microwavable too,” stated head representative for the business, Neil Speight at a recent interview. “We know there are thousands of other plastic lunchboxes on the market, but we’re fed up of being defrauded by cheap, nasty plastic that just warps every time it’s heated!”

Tested to be totally BPA, phthalate and lead free, these lunch boxes are manufactured to the highest standards to guarantee they last a lifetime. “And what if it doesn’t last a lifetime, I hear you cry?” Speight jested, “Well, make the most of our complimentary no-quibble lifetime guarantee! A plastic lunchbox for life. What more could you require?”

Showcasing 3 different compartments in each box, this pack of 4 is specifically developed to package a highly healthy lunch for the whole family, without the need for plastic sandwich bags to separate out foods. Continuing the press conference, Speight stated: “Hate it when your strawberries bleed into your sandwiches? Us to. My household have actually been using these for the past few months, and we genuinely can’t believe what a difference these separate compartments have made! Simplicity is key, as they say, and with these boxes, that’s certainly the case!”

The clip-on covers ensure that foods will not spill out, and freshness will be sealed in until lunch. With 4 different colors, the entire household can quickly identify whose is whose, and the silence replacing those morning quibbles before school will certainly be music to any parent’s ears. The Freddie and Sebbie plastic lunchboxes will be available to purchase from the Amazon Marketplace, and are due to be launched during the first half of September.

More detailed product details, together with more pictures of the plastic lunch boxes, can be discovered on the exclusive Freddie and Sebbie Amazon Marketplace shop, or on their site,

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