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Free Book Giveaway at Amazon Teaches How to Gain Wealth Minus the Risks

Free Book Giveaway at Amazon Teaches How to Gain Wealth Minus the Risks

Real estate enthusiasts are in for a treat as announces its free book giveaway at Amazon. The free book to be given out is entitled, Wealth without Risk, written by legendary real estate investor and popular real estate book author Jack Miller. Wealth without Risk is free from January 25 to 29, 2015, after which the book will revert to its regular price.

Wealth without Risk essentially teaches how to build a fortune and make money in real estate with the use of power options. The book discusses the different ways of avoiding real estate risks with the use of options and profit from one’s transactions. Jack Miller considers options as the better way to acquire real estate, and has taught many real estate investors about the concept.

Contents of the book include “Profitable Investing is Harder than it Seems”, “Title for Tax Purposes Doesn’t Require a Deed”, “Options can Capture Most Real Estate Benefits”, “Lease and Option Opportunities are All Around Us”, and many more informative real estate topics.

“Learn to use options in acquiring real estate and build wealth ”, says Jackie Lange, general manager of “Jack has been known for using options in his 45-year investing career, and was known to profit greatly from it. Many consider Jack as one of the most creative and successful real estate investors because of the effective strategies that he has taught tens of thousands of students. Jack passed away a few years ago, but his brilliant mind continues to educate and empower many real estate investors.”

Dan from Sacramento says, “Jack is the real deal. I especially like the video seminars in The Depot, as well as the archives of conference calls on different subjects.”

David Phelps from Dallas, Texas thanks Jack for giving him good real estate advice over the years. “Jack, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to define my goals, to achieve them, and to allow me to be free to do what I want to do before typical retirement age. You are one of only a handful of people whom I consider to have greatly influenced my life. The legacy you leave will continue on in the lives of many and generations to come.”

Wealth without Risk is a free book giveaway at Amazon from January 25 to 29, 2015, and is CashFlowDepot’s first free book offering for the year. The book discusses the different ways to make money risk free. Interested parties may visit for details about getting a free copy of the book.

About Cash Flow Depot is a real estate investor training website offering a vast library of real estate courses, online seminars, books, manuals, and many more. With the tag line, “Where you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn how to make one”, CashFlowDepot offers affordable training courses packed with quality, reliable information. The main focus of the company is teaching about risk-free investments even with no cash, credit or experience. This, along with a qualified team of instructors, is what sets CashFlowDepot apart from other real estate investor training companies worldwide.

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