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Free Classifieds Portal Launches

Free Classifieds Portal Launches

10-14-2015, Lahore, Pakistan-A free online classified portal launches in Pakistan named ClickOB. works under supervision of parent company Ocean Brains situated at Jail Road, Lahore and works as software house.

ClickOB currently consists of ninety plus sub-categories followed by twelve main parent categories covering all the major and minor sorts of everyday life. It allows the users to post their ads in any of the categories defined in the website without charging any cost. One can buy or sell literally anything through this website. The website works for used items only, but if anyone wants to sell in something in new condition, one’s always welcome. The main purpose is to give users an expense free advertising platform with opportunities of more reach and variety. The slogan of ClickOB is “Buy and Sell a Click Away”. The website has so user friendly nature and design that it gives a view of buying and selling on just a simple click.

Advertising Mountain

Advertising Mountain -ClickOBThe amazing new feature of ClickOB is “Advertising Mountain” revolutionizing the dull concept of classified portals. This animated mountain to show your ads with funky moving icons will not only entertain the users more but also give their ads more reach and view. Unlike featured or highlighted ads feature of other classified portals, for which these portals do charge normally even claiming to be free, ClickOB allows users to post on the mountain giving even more visibility than highlighted ads for free. This brings out “Double and Free” treat for the users; double the reach and post for free. The idea behind was to make the portal more attractive, engaging and entertaining in utterly a new way so users get motivated to sell their used items here.

Motivation behind ClickOB

The motivation behind launching ClickOB as free online classified portal was to provide customers a pure Pakistani portal for very purpose of superfluous choice and variety with vast coverage. Most of the websites have entered the market from alien territories and earning from people of Pakistan. So why shouldn’t we provide a true Pakistani portal for local and common people of our and adding in convenience of their lives a bit. This is a good deed though in any way.

Also ClickOB team wanted to motivate people for selling used items and help reducing waste in environment. This way people of Pakistan can re-utilize the items rather throwing them away; a kind of recycling it is. Most of the people in Pakistan can’t afford to buy so many things as brand new ribbon-off due to economic crises, so what’s wrong in helping them out by selling your objects at lower rates and let them have what they want which they were not able to have just because of the price factor. This way, you will get earned for something you don’t need any more and they will get something they needed badly!

Not only tangible items, ClickOB also works as virtual marketplace for services and jobs. People can do post about their services, business’ and other stuff here to get more customers. Job seekers and job providers will meet virtually on ClickOB, find vehicles for moving around with family every day, property for their living, daily used items for house hold, health and beauty products/services and what not! Apart from all these features, ClickOB wants to make sure that buyer and sellers are sole responsible for their dealings with each other. For contact and other details, you can contact them through,


E mail:

Or call them at: +92 – (042) 357 867 82

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