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Free Countdown Timer Offers New Time Management Software

Free Countdown Timer Offers New Time Management Software

New time management software, the Free Countdown Timer is launched to help users to keep track of time by setting alarms. This light-weight software can be used to manage activities easily.

The software has an intuitive and attractive interface wherein the users can access the features of this app without any hassles. Users can begin to add alerts once the countdown timer app is switched on. The app features three types of options which include calendar, alarm and countdown. The calendar option allows the users to choose specific days in a week, events in any year and so forth. The countdown option is another alert feature in this software app.

The countdown alert sounds an alarm at the pre-specified or set time and also starts counting backward. Users can add a title for each and every alarm. The app also features default alarm tones too. The Free Countdown Timer software allows users to add as many alerts as required. It is also possible to edit or delete any alert as required.

Based on the review of a user, “The Free Countdown Timer is a remarkable tool with a user friendly interface. The timer is perfect as it helps me to manage time effectively. Now I am never late for meetings or any other important events.”

This free app allows users to utilize multiple countdown timers simultaneously and even add new timers to the list. Users can restart or stop the timer after the completion of every task. It is also possible to choose different sounds and even display the countdown timer.

To know more about the Free Countdown Timer, please log on to: http://download.cnet.com/Free-Countdown-Timer/3000-2350_4-75966450.html

About Free Countdown Timer

The Free Countdown Timer is time management software which can be used to set alarms as reminders. It is a free app that can be downloaded and installed easily.

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URL: http://download.cnet.com/Free-Countdown-Timer/3000-2350_4-75966450.html

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