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Free Font Converter for Conversion of Font Types

Free Font Converter for Conversion of Font Types

The Free Font Converter is an excellent software that helps users convert font types from one to another. The tool supports True Type, Open Type and Post Script type of fonts. This free to download software comes in very handy especially for those who receive multiple number of files every day and have to correct the fonts manually. This tool will make their lives easier wherein the users need not open the files, select the data and change the font. All that they have to do is to simply upload the file that needs a font conversion and the tool will do the rest. The converted file can be saved separately or can be overwritten as per the user requirements.

The Free Font Converter comes with some good features. Users will be able to see the preview as the tool starts its conversion process. The download is simple and can be done within a few minutes without any download hassles. The tool can be used by anyone irrespective of their technical knowledge. The tool also does not occupy much space and hence can be downloaded without any difficulty or space constraint. It is a very light in weight tool but packed with great features. It is definitely a must have in every system especially those who deal with documents that come in different formats and need to be changed to one uniform font type.

About Free Font Converter

Free Font Converter is a free to download software that allows users to convert font from one font type to another. The software can be downloaded on any PC or laptop and is compatible with Windows OS. The tool is light in weight and does not occupy much space.


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