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Free Matrix Screensaver for PCs and Laptops

Free Matrix Screensaver for PCs and Laptops

Screensavers are great ways to enhance the look of the desktops on PCs and Laptops. The Free Matrix Screensaver is a free screensaver that can be instantly downloaded. This screensaver is inspired by the Matrix movie series. It comes with an interesting and attractive design and pattern with great number of variations. A green matrix code is displayed on the computer screen giving it a more sophisticated look. The tool is absolutely free of cost with no registrations, no hidden charges or subscriptions. The tool is free of viruses, adware and malware and hence it is safe to download on any system that runs on Windows OS. It also occupies minimum space and does not affect the performance or speed of the system.

The user interface of the Free Matrix Screensaver is very simple and straight forward. Users can change the manual settings of the screensaver so as to improvise the visual effects and get a more realistic look. Users can also change the codes of the messages, sound effects, color and many others that too with just a few clicks. The screensaver also allows the users to add personalized codes in their messages. The transition speed or the visual effects speed can also be controlled from the manual settings. Users can customize color, resolution, font size and many other formatting options. The Matrix Screensaver also supports animations and users can make the coded messages appear in Flash Mode as well.

About Free Matrix Screensaver

Free Matrix Screensaver is a free to download screensaver and is inspired by the Matrix movies series. The screensaver is compatible with Windows OS and all the devices that run on it. The tool is light in weight and does not occupy much space nor does it affect the speed and performance of the system.


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