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Free MOV to AVI Converter Tool Launched for Easy Conversion of MOV Files

Free MOV to AVI Converter Tool Launched for Easy Conversion of MOV Files

The all new software tool, the free MOV to AVI converter app, is launched to help users convert MOV files into AVI file format without any glitches. The clean interface of this software tool allows users to download and install the tool with ease. The app has a simple interface which showcases a few simple features.

The tool allows users to add files into the conversion queue and then select the output file format. Users can adjust the settings of this software app by configuring the codec, volume, sample frequency, bitrate and channels. It also displays an advanced panel which includes settings such as cropping, force video tag and many more.

“The Free MOV to AVI converter tool is an incredible app that is designed by professionals with all the right features. It has simplicity and reliability among other useful features. I could easily download and install the tool.” quotes a regular user of this software app.

The software app offers a remarkably high quality of converted files and it can be utilized to convert various types of files too. Users can easily make high quality movies with this free software app.

According to the website, “This software offers a free MOV to AVI converter, which allows you to create the AVI file type out of something that is in the MOV file. This is an incredibly useful tool for people that use media and require this type of conversion. Best of all, it does not matter how savvy you are with software or with technology.”

To know more about this free software app and to download Free MOV to AVI Converter tool, please visit:

About Free MOV to AVI Converter

The Free MOV to AVI Converter tool is a handy and reliable app developed to encode MOV files into AVI format.

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