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Free Online App Helps Parents Understand Text and Chat Message Lingo

Free Online App Helps Parents Understand Text and Chat Message Lingo

The transL8it ! (trans-late-it) website decrypts online messages and chat lingo, starting in english and converting them to text lingo (or visa versa). With the click of a button, anyone with an internet connection or mobile phone can make sense of text lingo, acronyms, and emoticons. “Our online app allows parents and teachers to easily understand what teens are saying in online chat and text messages” said Todd Roberts of transl8it! “Our website dictionary application has had thousands of members from all over the world submit sms and chat lingo phrases used by teens”.

The free website boasts an up-to-date dictionary of text, SMS, and chat lingo populated by thousands of registered users. Users can also submit entries and demonstrate variations of SMS and chat lingo by simple tools. These messages form the basis of cryptic online communication being sent daily all over the world by teens ad youth alike.

“There is no better way to find true definitions of online chat and text lingo, including some of the more concerning lingo that parents should know” said Roberts. “For example, parents probably know what “LOL” means, but how about “PIR” meaning Parents in Room?”

Samples of text and chat lingo parents may be concerned with include: “9” – Parent watching, “NIFOC” – Naked in front of computer, “53X” – Sex, “GNOC” – Get naked on camera, “POS” – Parent over shoulder, “TDTM” – Talk dirty to me, “WTTP” – Want to trade pictures?. This unique form of teen language called text speak is used in online, chat, and text messages, can be easily understood using simple, free online tools at

About transl8it!:

Since 202 the free transl8it! website has become the largest sms and text message lingo translation website available on the internet. transL8it! is a free online dictionary for SMS lingo, chat room lingo, text mesage, acronyms and emoticons. The website demystifies teen jargon associated text and chat room lingo.

Todd Roberts
Address: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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