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Free PST Viewer Introduced to View PST Files sans Microsoft

Free PST Viewer Introduced to View PST Files sans Microsoft

The all new PST Viewer is launched to help users view PST files easily and quickly. With a few simple and easy-to comprehend settings, this software app can be utilized effectively.

Users can view PST files without installing Microsoft windows with the help of this freeware. It can be downloaded and installed easily as the tool is self descriptive and user friendly.

The Free PST Viewer can be used to view emails, calendar items, drafts and contacts. Although this software app is devoid of any advanced settings, it functions well with its few and limited features. This viewer tool is quite handy for users without Microsoft outlook installed on their system.

Users can also browse easily for any specific PST file and view the contents of the file in the main window of the program. It is also easy to view calendar entries such as anniversaries, birthdays, personal events and other personal information.

However, the tool hardly allows the users to edit the contents of the PST files. The files can neither be deleted nor copied to another folder or destination. With a simple layout and regular window, this software app can be used to locate and view PST files quickly without any hassles. It also offers the option to navigate easily through various directories to view the PST files.

A user of the PST Viewer app commented, “Viewing PST files was a difficult feat but with the new PST Viewer tool, it has become a simple and effortless procedure. Moreover, the app is easy to understand as it has a user friendly GUI.”

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About PST Viewer

The Free PST Viewer is a simple and effective software app that helps to view PST files from directories.

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