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Freesiteworth adds a High PR Expired Domains Auction to his arsenal of website Valuation Tools

Freesiteworth adds a High PR Expired Domains Auction to his arsenal of website Valuation Tools

Albany, NY; 25, November 2015: Freesiteworth is one of the leading website value calculators offering business owners the real value of their websites. This site has extensive content including how you can easily sell your website for free.

Freesiteworth website is designed to assist the sellers in making well-informed decisions about website worth and selling strategies. If you are looking to sell your website, all you need to do is to calculate your website price using the calculator. In addition you need to put the code to your website in order to attract potential customers to your website.

As part of its objective to offer value to its clients, Freesiteworth uses a variety of factors to determine the real value of websites. The factors include estimated daily advertisement income, website traffic estimator, domain Google PageRank, social media visibility, search engines among others. The daily advertisement income is based on AdSense income while the PageRank is one of the most used determining factors when it comes to website quality today. This technology also targets external links when it comes to determining the value of a website. A site with multiple poor links will be ranked lower compared to a site with few but, quality back links.

Freesiteworth recently added a High PR Expired Domains Auction, a service that gives webmasters and online entrepreneurs the opportunity to scale the page Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority of any domain before buying it. The PR ranges from 1-10. 10 indicate that the website has been listed and it’s more likely to be an authoritative web page while 0 implies that the webpage has not been listed. Social media presence on the other hand implied that the website has worthwhile information.

Freesiteworth also combines an in-depth analysis of the domain age as it is able to determine the authority of a given website at a particular point in time. The site also highlights the latest SEO technology tool used to determine a website’s value.These factors provide reliable and unbiased information and are valuable resources when used in combination with recent statistics. The website also focuses on free website listing as a way to get website owners to sell websites for free. The platform offers a convenient way for buyers to find and purchase cheap domain. However, it is worth noting that the value provided by Freesiteworth estimate is not the business price of the website and domain.

One of the business owners recently said that Freesiteworth was the easiest place to buy and sell websites for free already existing website or even sell websites. He further stated that this platform brings together both the buyers and sellers thus establishing a trade environment and easy connections.

Freesiteworth is an online platform that can be used to evaluate a website’s price and thus one can determine its cost price. Furthermore, the site uses a calculator algorithm to calculate the value of a domain. This tool comes in handy for people who buy and sell either websites or domains.

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