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Freo Group: Australia’s Premier Crane Hire Provider

Freo Group: Australia’s Premier Crane Hire Provider

Perth, Australia; 19, November 2015: The Freo Group is the premier choice for crane hire in Australia. Founded back in 1974, they provide services to the mining, construction and infrastructure sectors. The Freo Group have 14 locations across the country and have a team of trained and experienced staff.

Freo Group

The Freo Group doesn’t operate like a typical 9-5 business. In fact, the firm is open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can provide crane hire at any time of day or night.

Crane Hire

The Freo Group has over 260 cranes in its fleet spread across the country. Located in 14 strategic areas, the company can offer solutions tailored for all projects.

Their fleet of cranes include telehandlers, forklifts and ancillary vehicles. Apart from crane hire, the Freo Group also have a range of used cranes available to buy.

The cranes offered by the Freo Group are suitable for jobs of any size. For instance, they can offer cranes with as small as a three-tonne lift capacity. While on bigger projects, they can provide cranes that lift up to 300 tonnes!

Many of the Freo Group’s customers prefer to use their own operators. If needed, the firm can include labour hire for riggers, dogmen and support teams. For full details, visit the company’s website at

Heavy Lifting

For large-scale projects, it’s crucial that one selects only the most appropriate cranes. The Freo Group can provide an array of heavy and complex lifting solutions to its customers.

They have a range of All Terrain cranes that can lift more than 350 tonnes. Also, there are the larger Crawler cranes that offer up to 750 tonnes lifting capacity.

Through their parent company, Marmon Crane Services, they can also provide higher-capacity cranes. Examples include models that lift between 800 to 3,200 tonnes.

The Freo Group can also offer a variety of value-added services too. Skidding, jacking and electronic weighing systems are just some examples of what’s available.


The Freo Group can also provide heavy haulage and transportation services to its customers. These can include services such as lifting and materials handling.

One can also provision for personnel and labour hire as part of any logistics project. The Freo Group are also experts at warehousing and storage too. That makes them the perfect partner for all crane hire and logistics needs.

About the Freo Group:

They are Australia’s leading provider of crane hire and project material logistics management. They are both experts and specialists in their field and have 14 bases across the country.

The Freo Group works with some of the country’s leading Blue Chip companies. Brands such as BP and Rio Tinto trust the Freo Group for their crane hire and logistics needs.

For Media Contact:
Freo Group
A Jakovich Centre
4 McGrath Road
Western Australia
6166 Australia
Telephone: 1300 272 637

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