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From Katihar, Bihar Emerges A Teenage Boy Who Will be a Writing Sensation

From Katihar, Bihar Emerges A Teenage Boy Who Will be a Writing Sensation

13th November’16 Katihar Bihar, will witness the rise of a young, sensitive, observant author with great facility with words. The 5 Blunder, Mistakes of His Life by Divyanshu Parashar published by Zorba Books.

Gurgaon, New Delhi, November 14, 2016 — 13th November’16, will see the launch of The 5 Blunder Mistakes of His Life by Divyanshu Parashar witnessed by the who’s who of Katihar.

One would be sure that that a young boy from Katihar Bihar has made a mistake in the title by using two negatives together. Not so, this is a well thought out title. You will discover when you read the book that a young, happening protagonist makes not mistakes or blunders but in the eyes of a 15-year-old he goes beyond making blunders or mistakes.

The story has a good plot and a great message. It is not predictable which makes it great. The author generates a lot of suspense and like Divyanshu the reader is compelled to listened to Sarthak’s story. The novel is a love story mixed with a mystery. It convey the message of ‘being true to oneself’ very well.

One day on his way to tuition class, Divyanshu Parashar comes across one of the most brilliant students in his town, Sarthak Anand. However, he is horrified to discover that Sarthak is now an unemployed man who spends most of his time standing on Kalibari Bridge smoking cigarettes. Over the course of one week Sarthak tells Divyanshu about his life and how he went from being a brilliant student studying at IIT to a sad man with no hope.

Divyanshu Parashar Divyanshu Parashar is 15 years old from Katihar, Bihar. He lives with his wonderful parents. This novel will make him the youngest novelist in Katihar, Bihar and, one of the youngest writers in India. He is a sensitive, observant boy and in the short span of 15 years he has seen, felt and observed more than most people, this book is a product of the deep observations he has made about life and people, success and failures and more. He hopes his story will resonate with young adults and they will enjoy reading and being a part of the story.

The books is priced at Rs. 199
ISBN: 978-93-85020-93-3
Pages: 158
Publisher: Zorba Books

The book is available on Zorba Book Store, Flipkart, amazon, Paytm, Infibeam and shop clues. It’s eBook avatar is also available on Kindle. For a preview of the book and more information on the book pl visit website:

Sunil Atri
Zorba Books
C 184 Westend Height
DLF Phase 5, Gurgaon
New Delhi, India 122009

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