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Fun Easy Learn Unveiled ‘Unlock All Levels’ Feature for Learn French 6000 Words Application

Fun Easy Learn Unveiled ‘Unlock All Levels’ Feature for Learn French 6000 Words Application


USA – Advertisements are known to be very effective in conveying brand messages all across and in creating a strong brand presence. Internet advertisers often choose much popular websites and mobile applications for displaying their ads as this strategy increases their global outreach. However, Learn French 6000 Words , users have ventilated their strong disapproval of the third-party advertisements that they are forced to see when using the language learning app. Fun Easy Learn, the development firm behind this intelligently built app, collected feedback from hundreds of patrons and recently added a new ‘Unlock All Levels’ feature to the already much popular language learning app. The developers have explained that the users now have this additional option to unlock all levels by paying one-time subscription fee.

Despite being one of the most rhetorical languages in the world, French language has failed to branch out outside the realms of France and its erstwhile colonies. This is because the spellings and pronunciations of French words are quite difficult to memorize and many avid learners drop by the wayside while learning the language. This is especially true for the learners in Asia, Mid-East and other parts of the world where French colonists and traders did not have a strong presence in the past. Fun Easy Learn aims to put an end to the conundrum that puts off many non-native French language enthusiasts. Learn French 6000 Words is a revolutionary product that aims to make learning easier for foreign learners.

“French language is one of the most beautiful languages and we strive to uphold its popularity as a Romance language. We have included the all new ‘Unlock All Levels’ feature to enable more users to access the content without getting vexed by the third-party  advertisements. We hope our new learners and patrons will welcome the new feature as this is intended to strike off the unnecessary elements that might impede their learning process”, said the owner of Fun Easy Learn. “Users can also collect 1000 flowers to unlock levels”, he added.

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