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Futurenvironments Announces eLearning Courses For Nigeria

Futurenvironments Announces eLearning Courses For Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria – Futurenvironments ( together with her sister company in the UK announces that their eLearning courses hosted at Futurenvironments eLearning platform are now available and has launched with a shopping cart for Nigerian users.

Futurenvironments is an educational initiative designed to stimulate young people to develop soft skills and systems thinking to influence local economic growth in their community. The dynamic socio-environmental consultancy is specifically tailored to helping governments, industries and corporate agencies in African countries find cutting-edge sustainable solutions to existing and emerging environmental challenges. It will be a global initiative, although it is starting from Nigeria, West Africa and ready now.

African economies, especially in the west, have been had hit by a lot of extreme factors. Many are looking for economic hope amidst the uncertainty.

“For instance, take into account an incident that occurred March 15th, 2014,” states Daniel Oladejo. “At least sixteen people died at a job fair event. More than 1 million people showed interest to fill about 4,000 available job slots. This is why this initiative is so dear to me and why I am passionate about helping my fellow countrymen.”

“The eCourses,” states Project Coordinator Daniel B. Oladejo, “stimulate your thinking and help you increase your productivity in any sector of the economy. The courses are interactive, self-paced and loaded with practical examples. The course helps any user co-ordinate multidisciplinary concept integration, holistic systems thinking, communication, and measures for growth for the sole purpose of jobs creation and economic sustainability.”

The Global to Local Solutions Initiative eLearning course trains its users to solve problems such as unemployment that Government and businesses can’t solve on their own. The aim of the course is to help business minded people make economic moves that are productive and sustainable.

The courses are offered in two versions – an in-depth version and an abridged version. Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate and are eligible to land an exciting funded project role.

For more information, visit

Daniel B. Oladejo, Project Coordinator
Futurenvironments Ltd
Fudie Plaza, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: +44 2035533665

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