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Gemnora Launches Founding Advisor Program

Gemnora Launches Founding Advisor Program

Gemnora, LLC ( announced today that the company is launching its much anticipated Founding Advisor Program. Gemnora’s Founding Advisor Program is a generous, limited-time earning opportunity for independent advisors who meet specific business growth targets during the launch phase.

Independent advisors who qualify based on the targets set are invited as candidates for the Founding Advisors Program. Founding Advisors have the opportunity to earn from an elevated compensation plan when they maintain qualifying sales requirements. An elite group of these Founding Advisors will earn access to share a pool of the company’s market sales volume (1%). This 1% pool is limited to the first 30 advisors who meet the program requirements. Founding Advisors also receive lifetime recognition by the company for their achievements and contributions.

About Gemnora, LLC

Gemnora is an exciting, innovative online party plan business that provides customers and advisors with superior products and opportunities. Gemnora is a US based company with the goal of revolutionizing the way people earn a living and support their communities.

For more information about Gemnora’s products and earning opportunities, visit us at

Company: Gemnora, LLC
Address: 2700 Corporate Dr, Suite 200 Birmingham, AL 35242 United States
Phone: 844-GEMNORA

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