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Generate Codes Easily with Free QR Code Generator

Generate Codes Easily with Free QR Code Generator

A QR Code is nothing but a Quick Response Code which comes in the form of a matrix or a two dimensional barcode that is machine readable label. This label consists information about a particular website link, birthdays, anniversaries and many more. These codes are used by users to access information from the barcode through their mobile phones. For those who are looking for a tool that can generate codes then the Free QR Code Generator is a great choice. This generator allows users to create codes not just in black and white but in different colors as well. The codes would contain alphanumeric data pertaining to a particular text, a website link, email address, birthdays, anniversaries, URLs, specific numbers, etc.

Users can save the QR code as a logo and get them printed on T shirts or other accessories. They can personalize their T shirts with specific dates or numbers. Using this tool is very simple and anyone can use it without any difficulty. All that they have to do is to type in the information that needs to form the code. They can also customize the pixel size or the level of transparency. The code can be saved in different formats such as JPG or PNG for future use. Users can also edit the code at any given point of time. This is a handy tool and can be installed with ease.

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About Free QR Code Generator

Free QR Code Generator is a freeware that can be installed on any device that runs on Windows OS. This tool helps users generate a variety of codes in black and white as well as different colors of their choice.


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