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Get Screen Capture for Free To Capture Still Images

Get Screen Capture for Free To Capture Still Images

The launch of the Free Screen Capture software proves to be quite useful to millions of users. This simple software app can be used to capture still images from desktops and computer screens easily.

It is a small but powerful app that is developed mainly to capture images from an entire screen or a part of the screen. Users can also edit the images as the tool provides an image editing option. Users can draw pictures, rectangles, circles and lines with the help of a pencil tool provided in this software app.

The Free Screen Capture software app offers a wide range of features to the users. It is possible to add text to images and even highlight images whenever required. This small and uncomplicated tool is compatible with all Window OS versions.

A user remarks, “With multiple options to capture the screen, the Free Screen Capture software app is one in a million. I can now easily take pictures of my screen without any hassles. The program also offers a set of tools which can be used to enhance the ability of the software app.”

Free Screen Capture software displays a small tool bar which proves to be quite useful. It can be used to blur images, insert text for specific images and so forth. The program also features a Help Wizard, which can be used by users for better comprehension of the tool. The Help Wizard guides the users before choosing any specific tool or option. There are keys which can be utilized to choose from different options available.

To know more about Screen Capture, please log on to: http://download.cnet.com/Free-Screen-Capture/3000-20418_4-76038565.html

About Screen Capture

The free Screen Capture software is an app developed to capture still images from computer screens. With multiple tools, this software app enables users to capture images perfectly.

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