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Get your FREE iMyfone Space Saver for iOS on Halloween

Get your FREE iMyfone Space Saver for iOS on Halloween

Here comes Halloween! A special giveaway for iPhone users! From now until 11/02/2015, iPhone users only need to share the news to social media and can get iMyfone Space Saver for iOS for FREE! The full version is now at 70% discount. Also they can get iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone for FREE too!

iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd. aims to fix iPhone users’ problem and provide convenience to them. They made their product easy-to-use. With their product iPhone users can solve their problem in the easiest way.

The storage full problem seems like a usual thing to iPhone users. Taking a lot of photos, installing too much apps, or upgrading to iOS 9 with 16gb iPhone may take up most of iPhone space. Can’t bear the popup keeping remind you ‘iPhone Storage full’ ? iPhone running slower and slower? Use iMyfone Space Saver for iPhone to free up space on iPhone with one click! This professional software can clear up iPhone storage by junk file clean-up and photo compression. The original photo will be backed up to computer automatically in case you need them.

“Our software can save iPhone space without any deletion. iPhone users don’t need to delete their photos or uninstall apps to avoid the storage being filled up. Also, who wants to upgrade to iOS 9 with limited space can benefit from our product too. We know iPhone users may assume the photo compression is risky. So the program will back up original photo first before compression. We are doing our best to satisfy our customers.”Says Mr.Dean, CEO of iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.

This powerful software is only for $19.95 and now iPhone users have a chance to get it FREE! From now thousands of iPhone users have already applied for the giveaway. It is really unmissable.

Here’s positive comment of an iPhone user got the free giveaway.“ I love this iOS Space Saver! It saved me about 2.1gb space! I take a lot of photos everyday and I really don’t want to delete any pics because they record my life. I’m going to buy the full version!”

About the Company
iMyfone aims to provide convenience to their customers. They are professional and always do the best. Feel interested in their products? visit this site at homepage to know more.

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