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Getting Your Team On Board With The Time Tracker

Getting Your Team On Board With The Time Tracker

Since 2013 CrocoTime helps many companies to realize successful time tracking policies in their businesses. This had certainly influenced the efficiency of their businesses a great deal. The most fortunate of them are the ones that got their staff to understand that the time tracker is a positive addition to their working style.

Tracking employees’ work day can be a difficult case to get people to buy into. There can be a slight disturbance among your workers. They might feel a bit annoyed that their work process is tracked because a manager or a CEO doesn’t trust them to do their assigned work.

However, there is no need for them to feel so. To convince your employees that it’s important to track time is critical if you want them to get on board with what a company or a project’s team tries to get to finish.

There are some useful tips you can make use of to get employees on board with the time tracker:

The best way to make employees to see all benefits of using a time tracker at work is to explain them that the company tracks time not to spy on every single employee. Point out that it is in place to make a company more successful through keeping track of project costs.

An all-around time tracking companies, such as Rödl & Partner (CrocoTime user since 2015), will try to set budgets for all projects that the company undertakes. It is to track and control costs of specific assignments, allowing PMs to account for all the costs incurred at work. This in turn helps management to safeguard its future success and that of all staff as managers can easily see if funds are spiralling out of control.

By having employees track their time on the tasks that they carry out, the project manager can readily point to their team members’ logged information if problems of going over a budget arise, as a proof if it is a result of external causes or because the work wasn’t done by the project team.

Payroll process is the second big case to focus employees’ attention on with regards to time tracking. By using a time tracker in your company you are well-equipped to improve the speed and quality of your payroll method. By having all the pertinent information in one place it makes the process of payroll fast, easy, and most importantly, accurate. It means that your staff gets paid on time and there shouldn’t be any questions over the total amount of time worked and money paid. Should such a question arise you have a proof of all work hours collected by the CrocoTime time tracker.

It is also very handy for tracking add-ons to wages via extras such as business lunches or travel expenses, if they are logged into your time tracker.

For instance, you could plan something for the staff for the weekend if they submit their timesheets on time. It can be a company BBQ during the summer months, or maybe friday evening drinks just for to those who clocked all their hours in time.

The key point to drive home to your employees is that the time tracker is not an instrument to control their private activity during a work day. It’s just a tool to make a company succeed and by doing so it provides your staff with a secure job that might even supply some lovely cold beer and pizza at the Friday evening. Who now wouldn’t use it?

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