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Glamhive Announces Campus Brand Ambassador Program

Glamhive Announces Campus Brand Ambassador Program

College students nationwide gain experience and learn about entrepreneurship in start-up environment.

Seattle, WA, United States, October 28, 2015 — Glamhive, a community-powered social e-commerce company, is helping to create a generation of entrepreneurs through their Campus Ambassador program. Under the program, students from universities across the country are given the opportunity of a lifetime to learn and experience the ins and outs of a successful startup. Ambassadors will learn new skills in public relations, advertising, content creation, e-commerce, event planning and grassroots marketing. They then get to put those new skills into use in real a world setting.

“Our goal is to help our ambassadors build their resumes by giving them direct experience in a start up environment,” said Stephanie Sprangers, Co-Founder of Glamhive. “We want to demonstrate what it means to be an entrepreneur and inspire them to develop and execute their creative ideas, and learn what it takes to achieve meaningful business results.”

Glamhive is the first social media platform that ties shared photos with reward points. The platform’s tagging technology enables users to quickly create “shoppable” content by uploading their look, then tagging individual pieces. Glamhive’s simplified interface makes it extremely easy for people to buy the things they want with direct purchase value to retail brands. This loyalty offering is unique because it is the only social network that rewards users on both sides of the shopping equation: the people who share and the people who shop. This combination drives both quality content generation and sales. Glamhive Points are then redeemable for gift cards to the world’s top retail and fashion brands.

The Ambassador program launched with 40 Ambassadors in 20 schools, including University of Southern California, Fordham University, San Diego State University, University of Arizona, University of Alabama and others. Glamhive is looking to expand its program to colleges and universities worldwide.

“I love being a Glamhive ambassador because I’m working with a brand that is incredibly exiting to me,” said Ella Hanover, Glamhive Brand Ambassador at Fordham University. “I’m thrilled to be working on social media projects and thinking of fresh ways to share the Glamhive message. I’ve learned valuable skills such as how to take initiative and prioritize my work which has given me a tremendous sense of confidence.”

Sprangers and Co-Founder Gisella Walter created the Ambassador program as a way to give students insight into how startups function, while encouraging their entrepreneurial spirits. Glamhive welcomes students who are interested in becoming Ambassadors to email Stephanie Sprangers at

About Glamhive:
Glamhive is a unique new social media platform that merges the worlds of fashion, photo sharing and e-commerce in a way that no other site ever has. It is a style community for fashion lovers to share, shop, and monetize their style. Glamhive provides an effortless tagging technology, and shoppers can easily click through to purchase what inspires them. Unlike most fashion photo-sharing communities and social or curated shopping networks, everyone benefits. Every transaction is rewarded with points on both the poster’s and purchaser’s sides. All points are redeemable for gift cards to leading fashion retailers like ASOS, Zara, and JCrew. Glamhive is based in Seattle and was founded in 2013 by Gisella Walter and Stephanie Sprangers. Clients include international style publishers and over 700 retail brands and stores. Join Glamhive at and find out more at

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