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Glaze, Fit or Repair: Meet the Best Glass Company in Town

Glaze, Fit or Repair: Meet the Best Glass Company in Town

Randburg Glass is a commercial glass company which has been providing both the residential and industrial sector with glass glazing and glass repairing services, ever since 1984. Some of the names from its illustrious client list include: Adamson Nieson, Renico, Sun International, Krause and Farquashon. They also supply to a number of schools in Gauteng, where Randburg is situated. In their list of services offered, are: emergency glass replacements, energy-efficient glass instalments, new glazing, aluminium product servicing, etc. Randburg Glass is also the trusted supplier of shower enclosures (framed and frameless), patio doors, aluminium doors and windows, custom-made mirrors, table tops and many others. Their supply specialities are: sandblasted glass products and solar tinted window glasses.

Among their latest projects are: Multiple Safety Glass Replacements at the Wahoo Swimming Centre at Sunninghill, Metalux Armourplate Glass Installation at the Wedge Shopping Centre, Mirror Installation at a private Gym in Melrose, Stainless Steel with 6 MM TSG, Charcoal tainted window installation at the New St. Peters Girls Junior Prep School, and finally the frameless remodelling of the Daytona Group’s office. It is important to note that Randburg Glass is a strict believer in adherence towards quality standards, and in keeping with this belief of theirs, they exercise a strict policy of compliance to the SABS 0137-2000 (or the SABS 1263) code of glass safety and glass works practise. And that’s not all. Their installation works which involve laminated and toughened safety glass are overseen and directed by the South African Glass Association.

After this detailed introduction, let’s take a few steps backwards in time and learn about the owners, who set up this enterprise. It is a family-owned business which had been set up in 1984, by father and son duo Jimmy and Wyn Robertson. They have an amazing 75 years worth experience in all matters related to glass, and their spotless track record of delivering on time and doing efficient fittings, lend them a great deal of trustworthiness. The fact that it gets an official glass quality regulation body to oversee its safety glass fittings (as mentioned above) also helps a great deal in maintaining its reputation. And finally, their products and services are immensely cost-effective and their staff are well-trained and extremely helpful; always doing their very best to serve customer interests. For more, visit their page

About Randburg:
Randburg Glass specialises in domestic and commercial glazing of glass, and also services related to commercial glass replacement. They are an immensely respected and leading name in the glass works and services industry.

Corner of Burke & Braam Fisher Drive, Bram Fischer Dr, Randburg, 2160, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 7892943

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