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Global Agricultural Drones Market to Rise to US$ 3.69 bn by 2022

Global Agricultural Drones Market to Rise to US$ 3.69 bn by 2022

A detailed overview of the global market for agricultural drones has been given in a recent market research report added to the portfolio of The report, titled “Agricultural Drones: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2022,” states that the market is poised to expand at a significant pace over the period from 2016 to 2022 as the global population becomes more receptive towards the concept of precision farming. The use of imaging cameras on stable flying objects has demonstrated several benefits in the field of agriculture in the past few years, allowing farmers to better control and isolate agricultural areas for purposes such as spraying fertilizers or pesticides crop fields and standing crops.

The report states that the global market for agricultural drones will rise from a valuation of US$494 mn to US$ 3.69 bn by 2022.

Agricultural drones make use of automated processes to allow a more flexible and better visualization of farming activities, and ultimately make farming more productive.

The report states that the global agricultural drone market has reached a level of maturity and these systems are now at the forefront of farming modernization. Farmers across the globe are becoming more receptive towards technologically advanced equipment such as drones, and are increasingly reaping the benefits of better visualization of farms.

Technological advancements and innovations are occurring at a rapid pace and agricultural cameras are also evolving rapidly. Several agricultural drones in the market come with features such as targeted video, specialized video, and agricultural spraying systems.

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The rising use of agricultural drones hints at a data-driven future for the agriculture sector. The integration of highly effective and inexpensive sensors, intelligent software, and cloud computing features in drone systems holds immense potential in transforming the agriculture sector, making it more potent and capable of feeding the ever-rising global population.

The field of agriculture drones has also witnessed a huge rise in venture investments in the past few years.

From a geographic viewpoint, the global agricultural drones market is currently dominated by the U.S., which accounts for 73% of the global expenditure on research, development, test, and emulation in the field of smart drones. Japan is also significantly contributing to the research and development of drones and accounts for a major share in the global agricultural drone market.

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The report presents a detailed overview of the competitive landscape of the global agricultural drone market and includes detailed business profiles, details regarding product portfolio, and other details pertaining to some of the major vendors operating in the market.

Major vendors in the global agricultural drones market include AgEagle, BlueSKy, Denel Dynamics, Finmeccanica, Google, Gryphon, GoPro, Safran Morpho, Yahama, RUAG Aerospace, 3D Robotics, Boeing, Yamaha, AeroVironment, and DJI.


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