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Global App Economy Heating Up According to Geenapp

Global App Economy Heating Up According to Geenapp

Real-time CPI calculator reveals user acquisition cost trends around the world.

Barcelona, Spain, February 13, 2016 — Geenapp, the social-powered mobile App discovery platform from Barcelona, has released a Cost per Install (or “CPI”) calculator -how much an advertiser is willing to pay to get a new user for its App-, so everyone can monitorize the state of the App economy around the world. The tool shares data about how and where App advertising is heating up and average install cost per country. The highest CPI rates include Japan, Germany, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. The website includes daily data and a monthly updated infographic.

“With all the data that we retrieve daily, we have created a new tool to help developers and agencies promote their Apps” said Gina Tost, CEO of Geenapp. “An App can generate revenues using different methods, but you need users to do it. The billion-dollar App market is a global phenomenon and the new battlefield is in App discovery. For developers to succeed they need to have a clear global strategy and understand the value of their users in each market.”

Global CPI by Geenapp Highlights:
– iOS devices have, in average, higher CPI payouts all around the world.
– Travel and Betting are the App categories with higher CPI.
– CPI payout is higher at the beginning of the month.
– Countries with higher Android CPI payouts: $1.56 in Germany, $1.47 in Japan and $1.38 in Switzerland.
– Countries with higher iOS CPI payouts: $3.25 in Switzerland, $3.12 in New Zealand, $2.90 in Finland.

What is CPI by Geenapp?
App owners need users in order to get revenue. With the average value per user they can calculate how much they can pay for each user acquisition (CPI).

Advertisers use this information in order to establish a marketing plan and go into the complex App environment. They will pay the mobile traffic owners for each installation they get.

The CPI by Geenapp calculator provides the latest information about trends in App advertising around the world. The infographic will be distributed every month to indicate the state of the CPI market based on different parameters. To generate the report, over 300,000 campaigns from 1,000 Apps were analyzed during last month. The top performing Apps per category, price and country are compiled and studied to produce the report.

Also, the website cpi.geenapp.com allows users to generate reports based on their specific needs: Category, Quality of Traffic, Country or Device. More tools and information will be deployed according to user’s needs.

Big Data for App Advertising
Geenapp’s goal is to help developers get their Apps in front of the right audience, and offer publishers new ways to monetize their traffic through the power of person-to-person recommendation and B2B tools on a global scale. To do this, the company monitors, qualifies and categorizes hundreds of thousands of active offers across advertising networks. The company then cleans and extracts data to provide the best offers to publishers. Geenapp uses real-time algorithms and highly efficient data processing to serve the best available advertising offers to publishers at the best price. Publishers then promote their chosen Apps through social media and are paid for every install they generate.

About Geenapp:
Geenapp is a platform for App discovery and promotion that both increases downloads via targeted recommendations and monetizes publishers’ mobile traffic. Geenapp analyzes over 10,000 active offers on an average of $36 million USD from around the world daily.

Geenapp is a member of Wayra, Telefonica Open Future’s global accelerator and the Barcelona Tech City startup cluster.

Additional information is available at www.geenapp.com

– Infographic: https://cpi.geenapp.com/cpiwars.png
– Press Kit: https://cpi.geenapp.com/cpiwars.zip
– Youtube: https://www.geenapp.com/youtube

For More Information Contact: Javier Casares, Geenapp at 2147483647 or cpi@geenapp.com

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