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Global Gas Spring Market Estimated To Expand At 4.0% From 2014 To 2018

Global Gas Spring Market Estimated To Expand At 4.0% From 2014 To 2018

A gas spring is a type of spring that, unlike a typical metal spring, uses a compressed gas, contained in a cylinder and compressed by a piston, to exert a force. Common applications include automobiles (where they are incorporated into the design ofstruts that support the weight of hatchback doors while they are open) and office chairs. They are also used in furniture, medical and aerospace applications. Much larger gas springs are found in machines that are used in industrial manufacturing (the press tooling industry), where the forces they are required to exert often range from 2500N to 400,000N (Forty tonnes). To properly use gas springs in even the simplest application, users should understand how they work and how a gas spring can be modified to meet specific operating requirements.

Depending on their characteristics and different applications, gas spring is also known as support bar, gas strut, angle adjuster, pressure bar, damper and others. According to the structure and function of gas spring, gas springs can be divided into freestyle gas spring, self-locking gas spring, traction gas spring, free to stop gas springs, swivel chair gas spring, pressure bar, damper and other types.
The global gas spring market is estimated to expand at 4.0% from 2014 to 2018. In terms of region, Asia-Pacific region accounted for the largest market share of gas spring in 2014, and will cntinue to maintain in the next five years, followed by Europe. Japan is the largest market in Asia-Pacific.
The key competitors in the market of gas spring are Stabilus (Germany), Takigen (Japan), Enidine (Japan), Supersen (Taiwan), Tokico (Japan).

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