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Global Syn-Turf Celebrates American Spirit with New Patriot Artificial Grass Series

Global Syn-Turf Celebrates American Spirit with New Patriot Artificial Grass Series

Global Syn-Turf, Inc., the leading artificial grass manufacturer, celebrates the American spirit with the inauguration of their Patriot Series of synthetic grasses. The series – which includes products for application all across the spectrum of American life, ranging from pet grasses to putting greens – symbolizes the diversity of this great country, and is comprised of some of the company’s best-selling synthetic turf surfaces.

Global Syn-Turf’s grasses are highly popular across the distinct age brackets, market sectors, and social categories which constitute the national cultural makeup of the United States. As such, their products contribute to the realization of many of the icons of the American Dream – by supplying a safe surface for family activities in backyards, for example, and providing an equally safe surface for the players of such sports as baseball, our national pastime. Correspondingly, the Patriot Series centers on the countless everyday moments – from family dinners on the patio, to children’s birthdays in the backyard, to sessions in sports facilities around the nation – that Global Syn-Turf’s grasses and their uses foster as a service to the country.

Rachel Brady, Sales and Marketing Manager stated, “We wanted to represent, via a set of a variety of artificial grasses, the wide range of activities that occur under ordinary circumstances on an everyday basis by people living in the United States. Consequently, every application and personality is accounted for in the Patriot Series: petgrasses for pet owners, sports grasses for athletes, putting greens for golf lovers, and of course, standard grasses for homeowners looking to create a lawn that befits some of the household aspirations of the American Dream.”

Global Syn-Turf lifts the spirits of the peoples of the United States and their families thousands of times every year and at hundreds of places around the world – in fine, anywhere its products are installed.

Ms. Brady continued, “By means of our artificial turf surfaces installed in public places and private spaces in the U.S. and abroad, our top quality turf accessories, and our innovative installation methodologies and services, Global Syn-Turf provides a touch of the American character to people everywhere. We also provide crucial support to those who need us, including attentive customer service to such institutions as child care facilities, pet facilities, residential homes, sports facilities and public sectors. Global Syn-Turf’s products and services are made possible by the people of the United States, the support of our partners, and the dedication of our committed staff.”

The Patriot Series includes the following Global Syn-Turf products.

Nylon Putt-57: This nylon putting green is a perfect addition to our current selection of high quality putting greens. Applications include but are not limited to usage on putting greens, driving ranges, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, and landscapes.

Patriot Spring-76: A great product at a great price – now that’s patriotic! This Diamond Blade, spring-colored turf is priced just right to be one of your new favorites.

Patriot C Blade-84: This innovative C-Blade turf is being introduced at an unbelievably low price. Act fast – supplies won’t last long.

Petgrass-85: You’ve never seen anything like this! Beauty meets functionality with the all-green Petgrass, featuring Flo-Rite-Thru technology.

Nylon Tee-120: “Fore!” Heads up; this nylon tee line is brand new and 100% American made.

Patriot C Blade-74: Quality you can “C.” Patriot C Blade-74 is the perfect turf for any American household.

Patriot Olive-74: Folks are going to want this grass from sea to shining sea. Olive colored and featuring an engineered Diamond Blade.

Rachel Brady (Marketing and Sales Manager)
Global Syn-Turf, Inc.
2482 Technology Drive,
Hayward, CA 94545

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