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Global Syn-Turf Congratulates Bernhard Langer and His Son Jason Langer on their PNC Father/Son Challenge Win

Global Syn-Turf Congratulates Bernhard Langer and His Son Jason Langer on their PNC Father/Son Challenge Win

Global Syn-Turf endorser Bernhard Langer has enjoyed one of the winningest periods of his career over the past twelve months, and his hot streak is not abating, as the World Golf Hall of Famer and his son Jason Langer won the PNC Father/Son Challenge last month. The Father/Son Challenge is a special annual golf tournament that celebrates the family unit. In the tournament, PGA Tour and Champions Tour golfers and their sons compete in teams of two.

“The PNC Father/Son Challenge is a unique event in that it is one of the few tournaments designed to bring families together and facilitate family moments,” said Rachel Brady, Sales and Marketing Manager. “Here at Global Syn-Turf, we consider the family unit when designing all of our products in that we strive for them to be family friendly, suitable for children as well as adults and for a variety of family activities. As such, we are particularly proud of Mr. Langer and his son’s win at this family-oriented event.”

This win for Langer and his son comes right on the heels of a spree of wins last year: in 2014, Langer won five tournaments, which included claiming the Charles Schwab Cup (for the second time), and furthermore was named the Champions Tour Player of the Year (for the fourth time). Undoubtedly, Mr. Langer and his son’s victory at the PNC Father-Son Challenge has cemented Mr. Langer’s reputation as the most consistent and disciplined player in his class.

Mr. Langer and his son Jason practice on Global Syn-Turf putting greens installed at Mr. Langer’s private residence. Having a Global Syn-Turf putting green installed helps to stay on top of the golf games when away from the course and at any convenient time – requisite in acquiring the discipline needed to succeed on the golf course.

“We continue to be amazed by Mr. Langer’s success. Each win, he gains, is a reinforcement of the value of our technologies,” Rachel continued. “The PNC Father/Son Challenge serves as an inspiration to the participating golfers’ successors as well as the next generation of golfers in general. We hope this next generation will be inspired to follow in Mr. Langer’s footsteps by installing Global Syn-Turf putting greens in their yards. Congratulations to Mr. Langer, on behalf of GST.”

Global Syn-Turf’s putting greens are the number one choice for the professional golfer. Global Syn-Turf’s Putting Green Series provides resilience, smoothness, and firmness—which characteristics contribute to the overall speed of the putting green—and yield green speeds up to 15 with infill and nine to 10 without. Moreover, Global Syn-Turf putting greens have no need for watering, fertilizer, disposal of grass clippings, and best of all, no need for lawn mowers—all of which free up the golfer’s time for practicing his game.

Global Syn-Turf’s products are all child friendly. Whether you’re purchasing grass for a putting green or your backyard, rest assured that Global Syn-Turf’s will protect your children while they enjoy the benefits of fresh air and the sun light. With Global Syn-Turf installed, say goodbye to nasty splinters and head injuries.

Global Syn-Turf, Inc.
Rachel Brady (Marketing and Sales Manager)
2482 Technology Drive,
Hayward, CA 94545

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