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GPS tracker on iconcox helps police easily found the stolen electrical bike

GPS tracker on iconcox helps police easily found the stolen electrical bike

America – In recent, two men of Windhoek, Namibia steal a electric bicycles which have been installed with the wireless home security systems which is the famous GPS tracking devices supplier. Then, the police began their chasing and the GPS anti-theft tracking device help the local police finally arrest these car thieves. That should be very good news for those car or electrical car drivers.

At the evening of 30 December 2014, Linda who lives at city subdivision of Windhoek found that her electrical bike was stolen. After meeting with this situation, Miss Linda called to the Bureau police patrol and said that his electrical bike has been installed with the GPS anti-theft tracking device. In order to avoid arousing the related suspicions, the police put plainclothes and then driven their own cars all the way up to track the location of this stolen electrical bike. At last, the policemen found that the stolen bike was at a few miles outside of a residential corridor. This should be very good news for the electrical bike owner.

Although the stolen bike has been replaced by many new accessories such as handles, seats and others, it could not conceal the obviously skid marks. Policemen immediately decided to squat and wait for the appearing of suspicions. At the time of 5 p.m., the suspicions have appeared and arrested by police. During lone time of trial, policemen control the basically evidence of their action for stole the electric bike. Currently, the two suspects had been under criminal detention capita and the bike owner got her electrical bike again and other related reparation.

This matter obviously shows with people the importance of the GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N . That is to say this device could help the car owner to easily get the location of their car or bike. If there are thefts who stole your care or electrical bike, this tracker which has been hidden into your car or bike will help you easily find them. Now, if you have interesting about this device, please do not hesitate to visit website

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