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Grants Provider Says Be Quick to Receive Free Home Insulation Grants

Grants Provider Says Be Quick to Receive Free Home Insulation Grants


The government is providing homeowners with free grants for home insulation projects, and a trusted grant provider is advising homeowners to be quick to take advantage of them. is a leading provider of grants, and it is keen to make sure homeowners are aware of these grants so that they can take advantage of them. The grants are completely free, but they are available on a first-come-first-served basis and once they are gone, they are gone.

Grants are being provided for two specific forms of insulation: cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. Anyone who owns a property built after 1930 may find that there is a cavity between the walls that can be filled with insulation. 30% of heat is lost through the walls in homes that are not insulated, so this can lead to huge savings.

In homes without loft insulation, 25% of heat can be lost through the roof, so again the addition of insulation can lead to huge savings on energy bills.

These types of insulation are simple and highly effective at saving energy and reducing bills. Keep Warm is offering to provide free home surveys to homeowners so that they can apply for the free government funds, and this is all that it takes to get access to the funding.

The grants are available to households in England, Wales and Scotland. There is no need to declare any income or savings in order to take advantage of the grants, and there is no age limit that applies. Applicants simply have to arrange a free property survey and then they can apply for the grants, and the property must also be owned or privately rented in order to take advantage of the grants.

Keep Warm is reminding anyone who wants to take advantage of the grants that funding is limited, and once allocated, it is gone. It is therefore essential to act quickly to take advantage of the grants while they are available.

All that homeowners need to do is complete a form, and a grant advisor will then be in touch to arrange a date for the survey. Once the survey has been carried out, homeowners can apply for the grant and take advantage of the free funding available that will allow them to cut down on their energy usage and reduce their energy bills.

Contact Details:
Keep Warm Limited
New Brook House
385 Alfreton Road
Nottingham, UK NG7 5LR
0800 612 7878

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