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Green Edge Systems Presents Going Digital on Tablets in Front of School Cafeteria Serving Lines

Green Edge Systems Presents Going Digital on Tablets in Front of School Cafeteria Serving Lines

Going Digital on Android Tablets in front of school foodservice cafeteria as part of Green Edge Systems ‘School Menu Today’ allows schools present school menus in an effective and affordable way while meeting USDA school menu display regulations.

Woodland Hill, CA, June 19, 2015 — Green Edge Systems, a leader in menu display solutions for school food services, hospital food services and college and university food services, presents an effective and affordable way of going digital in front of school food service serving lines by displaying school menus on Android Tables, as part of Green Edge Systems ‘School Menu Today’ All-in-One School Menu Board System.

Digital tablets in front of serving lines are just at the right size to fit on school cafeteria counters and at the right cost to fit limited school budgets by using Android Tablets that are currently selling at around $150.

Now, that most schools have WiFi in their cafeterias, school have just to provide power for the tablets that they can placed on their serving counters and immediately start displaying their school menus that are updated automatically per meal and serving day by the ‘School Menu Today’ system.

‘School Menu Today’ by Green Edge System’s is a simple to operate platform to publish school menus on full size digital menu boards, on digital tablets in front of serving lines,  on mobile phones, on school nutrition websites, school menus in the class on smart boards and student tablets and school menus on any digital screen on school campuses (outside school cafeterias).

School Food services can post, schedule and update school menus through free Dropbox accounts (or through the system’s dashboard).

The ‘School Menu Today’ system can generate different menu channels for display on digital menu boards, menus on digital tablets in front of serving lines, on mobile phone, on school websites, on smart boards in the class, on student digital tablets, and on campus signage.

The ‘School Menu System’ comes with apps for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Weather, Time, RSS and more, which allow the addition of available online in real time nutrition education and other information on various social media networks as well at the possibility to directly control the school menu displays by posting information on school social media accounts, which can seamlessly appear on school cafeteria boards.

USDA requires school food services to identify, near or at the beginning of the serving line(s), the food items that constitute the unit-priced reimbursable school meal(s). The New ‘School Menu Today’ platform allows schools not only to fully meet USDA’s rules, but also provide any student, the information about the current food served in their cafes and additional nutritional education information wherever they are in the school campus, on their mobile phones, and at home.

‘School Menu Today’ comes with a library of MyPlate school menu template that allow an affordable and easy way to start displaying school menus on tablets and other platforms that school menus can be displayed on.

Any school menu design that is offered on Green Edge Systems MyPlate Dry Erase Menu Board website is also available for display on the ‘School Menu System’.

Tommy Orpaz
Green Edge Systems
20292 Ventura Blvd, ste 47-224
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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