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GREET A BROTHER – THANK A COP: A practical solution to the biggest issue in the media today.

GREET A BROTHER – THANK A COP: A practical solution to the biggest issue in the media today.

Atlanta, GA, July 19, 2016 – Hotep, President and Founder of Hustle University, is a controversial speaker but usually silent on matters of politics. Today, he does what he does best, offer a solution.

“After all of the melee and the events occurring in the media, I felt the necessity [to share a solution for the unrest between the community and police]. We can…we MUST change the current landscape. And it CAN be done by building instead of destroying.”

For decades, the African- American community has marched, protested, boycotted, and held town hall meetings about civil injustices. These are no longer viable solutions. As a community, the decision must first be made that law and order is a necessity. There is no divide between police and community. The police are part of the community. Many officers grew up in the very community they serve and wish only to change the landscape of lawlessness witnessed while growing up there. Consider the heartfelt pleas of slain African-American Baton Rouge police officer Montrell Jackson, “In uniform I get nasty hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat.”

Second, we the people, must stop the divisiveness and stop allowing the media to manipulate our emotions and focus. The tension is borne of man’s tendency to judge one another by appearance and is fed by these images. We need police officers, and they need to feel appreciated. African-American men are pillars of their community, and they need to feel valued as well.

How can you affect real change? Simple, GREET A BROTHER – THANK A COP. Both groups tend to feel automatically judged when they step on the scene. Erase the tension by providing a mutual sense of ease and peace. Thank a law enforcement officer for his or her service. Speak to a Black male any time you see one. Everyone can do it. Outreach creates a better relationship between officers in the community and residents. Hotep challenges you to extend your view of man and humanity, reach out to those you would traditionally avoid.

Watch a short video at After you watch it, PASS IT ON! Then, try it yourself each day over the next few weeks.

– Take a pic and post it.
– Write about your experience.
– Share a video about your experience.
– Use hashtag #gabtac

For more information, contact Tierica Berry at or 678-499-4405.
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