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Greg Oden has been installed with the ankle GPS tracker after beating his ex-girlfriend

Greg Oden has been installed with the ankle GPS tracker after beating his ex-girlfriend

America – Today, the famous GK301 online seller iconcox.com will tell people the interesting news about the famous NBA player Greg Oden who has been installed a GPS tracker on his ankle by policemen.

According to the official report from ESPN, the 2007 NBA MVP Greg Oden has been arrested and imprisoned by policemen because beating his ex-girlfriend. Now, this shocking event has a new development. After paying ten thousand dollars bail, Oden has been released from prison and his ankle was also installed with GPS tracker. It is just like we said before this news is very interesting and has directly relationship with the GPS tracking device.

At the morning of 7 days before, Oden has been arrested at his home which has located in North Lawrence County and then he was sent to the local prison. After some review process, Oden pay a million dollars bail and was released from prison by wearing the related GPS tracker which will let the policemen easily find him.

According to the report of the local police, they rushed to the scene at the firstly after receiving the phone calling. The blood marks has been found on the couch and carpet in the living room floor and a tipped vase has been broken and the water and soil in it was spilled over the floor. The 24-year-old ex-girlfriend of Oden was flowing with nosebleed with many other wounds. It is reported that Oden and former girlfriend started dating two years ago and they just broke up two months ago.

According to the good friend of the ex-girlfriend of Auden, she is also the witnesses of this incident. When Auden beat his ex-girlfriend with his fists, she called to the police office. After Oden was taken away by police, he did very good cooperation with the investigation of the policemen and he also explained with policemen that the situation was out of control and he inadvertently hit his ex-girlfriend¡¯s face by throwing arm mindless. In addition, the police did not give outside the reason why they let Oden wear GPS tracking device on ankle.

At the beginning of this year, the 26-year-old Oden joined the Miami Heat. During the 23 games of last seasons, Oden attended the first six games and his averaging result is 2.9 points and 2.3 rebounds. Currently, he is an unrestricted free agent.

From this news, people could find that the GPS tracking device already become the main method to ensure the security of society today. For more information, please visit website of the famous GK309 iconcox.com.

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