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Group Makes Business Loans Quick and Easy

Group Makes Business Loans Quick and Easy

Pompano Beach, FL; 24, September 2015: The days of going to a bank and groveling before a committee or loan officer about a business loan are long gone. Small business owners needing a quick cash injection, capital or even some extra to expand no longer have to worry.

Increment Capital Group of Florida has taken the middleman out of the loan business. They are able to process and loan money fast and easy. This means businesses can stay concerned about what is important.

“We know our customers want to run their business with efficiency and profitability. This is why we offer quick loans in 24 hours. The loan normally is in the account within 48 hours,” said Peter Woodworth of Increment Capital Group.

Increment is a Florida based company, but they can loan money in all fifty states with the same ease and customer satisfaction. Merchant loans are a particularly popular choice for several businesses.

“Most of our customers are new businesses that are trying to turn the first profits. Until they get on their feet financially, we help them with some of the necessary overhead. Our easy terms and friendly loan terms work for virtually any business,” said Woodworth.

As the economy is on a strong rebound, now is a great time to start a business. In an area like South Florida, business opportunities are plentiful. Increment Capital Group can help finance the opening and initial start.

“Banks are nervous about helping new businesses get started without substantial collateral. We do not have the onerous rules and expectations of banks,” said Woodworth.

Increment Capital is available 24/7 on their website. Interested business owners and individuals need only input some basic information and someone will get back with them quickly.

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For Media Contact:
Person Name: Peter Woodworth
Company: Increment Capital Group
Phone: 888-992-9970

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