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Growing Importance of Cloud Access Security Brokers

Growing Importance of Cloud Access Security Brokers

Transparency Market Research Reports incorporated a definite business overview and investigation inclines on ” Cloud Access Security Brokers Market“. This report likewise incorporates more illumination about fundamental review of the business including definitions, requisitions and worldwide business sector industry structure.

IT solutions being deployed over cloud is increasingly becoming a pervasive trend across industry sectors. Cloud computing enables companies or enterprises to share resources, software and data information from a pool of resources and storage place, facilitating the companies to access the required data or resource on demand basis. This maximizes the efficient use of resources, and reduces the burden on company’s infrastructure. Users can access cloud computing services using devices such as laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and or any Ethernet enabled device. Cloud computing providers offer services with different models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

The cloud computing has benefited organizations by reducing their infrastructure costs, and further allowing the enterprises to focus on their core competency But there have been some key concerns faced by cloud users relating to data security and privacy, especially when the data is sensitive to enterprise. This has created a major need for security of cloud access to prevent and protect the vital data and other information accessed or stored on the cloud. Thus, cloud access security broker (CASB) service is gaining high demand in the market to protect organization’s essential and sensitive data.

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Loss of information or leakage of valuable data to competitors or any other third party has affected the organization’s competitive advantage or business directly or indirectly, thus, hampering their revenues. Furthermore, companies nowadays are focused on dedicating their resources on core competencies and outsourcing the IT solutions to mitigate the intense competition. To gain organization’s confidence in cloud computing services, CASB market is gaining attention to protect data breach or data loss. Further, the capabilities of CASB of real time monitoring have added to the demand for CASB. The fast development of cloud-based applications is another factor driving the CASB market.

The growing acceptance of organizations to cloud computing services in the coming years, creates vast opportunities for CASB to explore Telecom and IT, healthcare, and banking financial services and insurance (BFSI) are projected to be the key growth markets for CASB due to increasing shift to cloud computing occurring in these sectors. SMEs will be another potential opportunity for CASB to explore in coming years, as the usage of cloud computing by SMEs has grown rapidly. Still the market poses certain challenges for the cloud computing and hence the CASB market, due to the lack of awareness in some industry sectors affecting the switch to cloud services.

Depending on the organization’s requirement, the major CASB solutions offered include risk and compliance management, control and monitoring cloud services, data security and threat protection. Key industry sectors for CASB market include telecommunication and IT, banking, financial services and insurance, government, education, healthcare and life sciences, retail and wholesale, manufacturing and others.

Some of the key companies operating in cloud access security brokers market include Bitglass Inc., Cloudlock, Imperva Inc., Protegrity USA Inc., Adallom Inc., Netskope, Skyhigh Networks, Cloudmask, CensorNet Ltd., CipherCloud, FireLayers Inc., Palerra Inc., Palo Alto Networks, Vaultive Inc., and Blue Coat Systems (Perspecsys Inc.)

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